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Behavioral Science Degree

Gilbert Said:

What can I do with a Social & Behavioral Science Degree (Associate) Degree?

We Answered:

This degree can be used to become a social worker, which is demanded and respectable job. In Future you could able to get PHD in this subject and start a career to become professor. Most of the university has social science department.

Allison Said:

Can i get a Bachelor degree in Cognitive Science or Behavioral Science...?

We Answered:

Your friend is correct. As an undergrad- all you can do is get a Bachelors degree in general Psychology. (Unless your in a really good school like Illinois Chicago, Duke, etc). After you go for those 4-5 years, THATS when you can pick a specialty such as cognitive psychology or clinical psychology etc when applying for PhD programs (But you cant pick more than one).

As an undergrad, you take a lot of different kinds of psychology OVERVIEW type courses to give you an idea of what you may like to do within psychology, courses such as social psyc, neuropsyc, abnormal psyc, behavioral psyc, etc.....

Denise Said:

What kind of job can I get with a Behavioral Science degree w/ a concentration in Negotiation & Conflict Mgt?

We Answered:

I suggest going to the American Arbitration Assocation web site, at and search for arbitrars in your state, and ask one of them near you for an informational interview. You can find out how they got into the field, what background they have, and if they can recommend a way to get into the field or if they know someone else you could talk to about the field. I did this when I was looking for a computer programming job right out of college, and it helped a great deal-I was able to narrow down what I wanted to do, and what was the best way to get my first job.

Here's US Dept of Labor information about education, outlook and wages for mediators:

Good luck!

Chris Said:

What careers can you pursue with a Bachelor of Behavioral Science degree?

We Answered:

No, you will not be licensable as a psychologist with a degree obtained online. Simply put, an "online diplomas" are rarely (read: almost never) valid beyond the institution you paid to receive them. This is particularly true in the field of psychology (one who's practice is legally regulated by the state).

Don't fall prey to online schools who CLAIM to be "accredited". Accreditation mills (illegitimate "organizations" which sport names which are similar to actual, recognized and accepted accrediting bodies) have cropped up alongside the diploma mills. Here is what the US Dept of Education has to say about this issue:…

Don't waste your time or your money. Any diploma (particularly one in psychology) from one of the online schools is not even worth the paper it's printed on.

The choice is yours. If your SOLE goal is to LEARN an online program might work for you. Then again, anyone can purchase and read textbooks, take themselves to the library to read professional journals, and sit down at home to write papers. There is truly no need to pay anyone else to do what you can do yourself.

If, however, your goal is to OBTAIN AND USE a degree in psychology, you MUST attend an actual, brick-and-motor institution which is FULLY ACCREDITED.

Sorry to be the bearer of ill news, but that's the bottom line truth.


p.s. Here is a link to reliable information on which accrediting bodies (and institutions) are officially recognized by the US department of education:…

Benjamin Said:

What can you do with an associates degree in behavioral science?

We Answered:

You cannot do anything with it, in these types of subject areas you need atleast a Masters to find work.

Micheal Said:

How would I list my credentials if I have a Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Science Degree?

We Answered:

B.S. Behavioral Science

Cheryl Said:

What can I do with my Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science?

We Answered:

With a degree like this, you are looking at very few options related to your field. Office jobs are a good bet. But, if you want to go in your field, try something like:
-Behavioral Intervention- (try Maxim Healthcare, they have offices across the country, and contract with the government)
-Probation/Parole officer- they love to hire people with a background in psychology/behavioral science
-Drug Addiction Counselor- (this requires certification in many states, but not a Masters. Cert. programs usually last 3-6 months.
-Human Resources- Usually a Masters is preferred, but a few places will let you work in HR without one.
Good Luck! It's a tough job market, but you can do it!

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