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Bachelors Degree Online

June Said:

Whats your opinion on getting a bachelors degree online?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, many employers view them as "toilet paper" or not worth the paper they are printed on. Sorry

Gloria Said:

How long does it take to get a bachelors degree online?in something like business management or accounting?

We Answered:

much depends on where you are deployed and how much time you will have free to do your coursework. you MIGHT be able to finish in as little as 3 years, but you will have such a heavy load that you might not want to consider that.

Karl Said:

Is it worth getting a bachelors degree online for ECE?

We Answered:

Make sure the school is accredited and that you can get a teaching license out of it, or it will be worthless. Look for NCATE credentials and also you can contact your department of education in your state if you are unsure. As a general rule of thumb, an associate is for daycare/preschool and the bachelors is for teaching PreK and elementary, but that varies from state to state. Good luck.

Dianne Said:

Can I get my bachelors degree online?

We Answered:

Yes -- you can get a real college degree on-line. Most on-line colleges are For Profit corporations that charge more than respected public universities. These schools have practically no standards -- so employers will not respect it. In my opinion, you would be better served to get a tattoo on your forehead that says "I have a bad education." It would have the same effect -- and be a lot cheaper.

U of Phoenix recently paid a $9.8MM fine for sleazy recruiting practices. I've read that they are currently being investigated for padding their placement numbers. Companies like Intel have refused to pay for employees to take classes at U of P because they feel they lack rigor.

If you want a good job -- go to a real university.

Marcia Said:

Does somebody know how much is th costs to study one IT bachelors degree online?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

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