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Bachelor Of Arts Degree

Casey Said:

What jobs can you get with a Bachelor of arts degree in psychology?

We Answered:

You will be at an odd-job that eventually becomes your rut for the next 7-10yrs...completely unrelated to Psychology. And it's a BA in Psych, not a BS so your chances at most of the jobs related to Psych is basically none.

Psych (along with English, History, Literature, etc.) does NOT make you competitive at all in the job market. These are the majors who become college-educated bartenders and baristas. Ask your bartenders if they have a college degree and what'd get quite a few. These people do the jobs that have nothing to do with their educations.

The job market for new grads right now is terrible. I'd keep delaying graduation and switch to a BS option and then go to grad school. Then you can stop there and be a Research Assitant (low $, gonna need a second job) or continue going to school to get a PhD to eventually become a clinical shrink. OR switch your major...I would.

Megan Said:

I have a BFA (Bachelor of fine arts degree) but want to go to school for graphic design,how does it work?

We Answered:

Chances are that you won't even need to go the two years to get the degree, as I'm willing to bet that some of your classes will overlap with the required ones and you can either test out of them, or they may just excuse you because of your existing degree. Check with your local colleges to see if they have either a Graphic Design course specifically or, more than likely a Visual Communications degree. VC will likely train you in more than just simple graphic design, it will also teach Web Design and Printing, to prepare you for the field.
I'm not very familiar with schools in the southern states, however I think Devry might be down there, if not then I know they have an online course for VC, and I think ITT has a branch down there too. That's the school I'm currently attending, and while their curriculum feels horribly repetitive, it's definitely a fast track school.

Nancy Said:

I am pursuing my Associate of The Arts degree, upon completion I am going to pursue my Bachelor of Health Scie

We Answered:

you should figure out what you want to do before you get your degree, because if you have a general idea you can make sure that you get the necessary qualifications. for example if after graduation you wanted to be a social worker, having you LPC of LMSW is needed, a Health science degree will not get you the job, it's awesome to have and you can have many opportunities but its best to try and plan ahead, good luck

Crystal Said:

What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts Degree?

We Answered:

Sure, the essence of a good BA (or BSc) degree is that it is not training for one particular job but preparation for a) life in general, b) further education and c) a variety of occupations. The "c" part you are most interested in. The key is to avoid inside-the-box thinking. So if you are, for example, a History Major, don't ask what kind of History job you can get. Ask what kind of job values the skills you will have learnt while getting a BA in History. Those involve research, writing, analysis, critical thinking. My students with such a degree have gone on to do things ranging from selling mutual funds (fast-tracked from an entry level banking job) to running the local city's anti-grafitti program, to working in small business (he got to go overseas to talk to buyers and suppliers because he had the cultural breadth not to embarass the company) to working in a literacy outreach program. Remember, the only job you can't do is the one you say you can't do. Remember also that in job ads employers are giving a wish list of qualifications not a genuine list of requirements.

Good luck.

Toni Said:

What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the military?

We Answered:

It would depend on the degree. The Military has long been looking for people with degrees in Math, the Sciences, Finance and Accounting, plus the Legal, Medical, Dental and Nursing professions.
Most other degrees will allow you to enlist at a higher enlisted rank, but are worthless in regards to a commission.

Brittany Said:

Difference between a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree?

We Answered:

A Bachelor of Applied Arts is an undergraduate degree oriented towards vocational learning for a specific profession rather than towards research/intellectual learning in the liberal arts and sciences. A B.A.A may start working immediately after the earning the degree, whereas a B.A/B.S may go on to earn an advanced graduate/professional degree.

The B.A.A is not a degree generally awarded in the U.S. See below:

Bernice Said:

When did a Bachelor of Arts degree become eqivalent to High School Diploma?

We Answered:

what are you applying for? some jobs want a certain type of degree or experience.

usually they will replace a degree with experience if you dont have it. for example:

"minimum bachelors degree in computer science or experience is necessary" since a bachelors is roughly 2-4 years of learning you would need 2-4 years experience IF you dont have that degree.

but i understand whats going on. i have some college and 8 years experience, and yet they want straight out of college folks with no experience, they can do the job, but i can do it better.

the market is getting greedy for degrees and they are starting to get hungry for certifications, so watch out for that too!

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