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Bachelor Degrees Online

Connie Said:

What is the least expensive online college offering bachelor degrees ?

We Answered:

Rather than going to an "online college", which are all expensive for-profit businesses, consider a traditional college which offers online programs. Not all will have that specific major, since it is a little vocational for universities, but you can get a degree online from a lot of state universities much better and for a much lower price.

Jamie Said:

Do employers in the IT field look down upon online bachelors degrees?

We Answered:

Most employers honestly won't know the difference as they're probably not going to ask you in an interview whether your degree is online or not. Having A degree is important, whether you got it online or off, but what you need to do, like mentioned by others who answered, is make sure you have the experience and skills to back up whatever degree you have.

Whatever job you might look for, an online degree won't slow you down even if someone DOES ask.

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