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Bachelor Degree Programs

Paul Said:

Does the military provide incentives to enlisted servicemen who complete bachelor degree programs?

We Answered:

Yes, they will start you off as an E-3, but you get that with 45 college credits. You really don't get anything for having a college degree.

Ross Said:

How do the bachelor degree programs in the UK work?

We Answered:

It ultimately depends on the course as some can be 4 years, but generally bachelor degrees tend to be 3 years. What you need to remember is that we have one extra year in secondary school (high school) before we go to university and our bachelor courses are much more specialised (we don't study a variety of subjects and then major and major in two; we study one subject only for the whole 3 years) so there's no need for them to be as long as in the US.

Christopher Said:

Can anyone tell me where there is a list of bachelor degree programs?

We Answered:

You can get a list of all schools in Texas on Yahoo! Education, and the College Board website may be able to help you too (

Luis Said:

How do you feel about colleges going to 3 year Bachelor degree programs in the US?

We Answered:

Don't know. Might save parents a lot of money though.

Duane Said:

Does anyone have recommendations for good online bachelor degree programs that are inexpensive?

We Answered:

If a Canadian university would work for you, Athabasca University in Alberta is well recognized and specializes in distance and on line education programs. Here is their website. Good luck with it.

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