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Bachelor Degree Online

Alice Said:

Is it possible to get Scholarships and Grant Money for Getting A Bachelor Degree Online? ?

We Answered:

Yes it offers grants and loans and you can also transfer previous credits to your current online degree program. You can review Ashford University's online program at:…

Hope it helps :)

Lillian Said:

Are there any Parapsychology Bachelor Degree programs offered online?

We Answered:

Not from any accredited colleges or universities.
Franklin Pierce University (fully accredited) offers a minor in parapsychology with a major in psychology at the Bachelors level.
Doctorates in parapsychology are not offered (from accredited universities) in the U.S. except possibly by special arrangement with schools like University of California, Berkley that are know for designing and awarding unusual degrees (one in magic).

Also, most people working in parapsychology do not have degrees in parapsychology. They usually hold doctorates in a conventional science (physics, medicine, psychology, anthropology, engineering, etc.). They usually do their dissertation on a parapsychology subject.

Please contact me if you want more information.


Everett Said:

How long does it take to get a bachelor's degree online?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Allan Said:

Is it possible to get a bachelor degree online while serving in the millitary?

We Answered:

You can surely get the online bachelor’s degree from any place where you have an internet access. You can study in your free time and complete your degree according to your own pace and flexible schedule. You can complete your degree in less time as compared to original i.e. 4 years. Look for the best online courses here… and select the one that you find suitable and get enrolled into it.

Roger Said:

Is is possible to obtain a bachelor degree online if you only have your GED? ?

We Answered:

You can get a degree anywhere with a GED.
A friend of mine recently graduated from Columbia
and only had a GED to get in.

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