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Bachelor Degree On Line

Amber Said:

I'm looking for a good college that offers an on-line bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education?

We Answered:

I know of a very good online school for this - please email me and I will give you all the info.

Katrina Said:

On Line Bachelor of education degree?

We Answered:

The Ontario College of Teachers requires all certified teachers to have completed at least 50 days of practicum experience in a classroom. In terms of the actual program requirements, no schools in Ontario offer an online degree. I do know that Medaille College in Buffalo has a program where students are only required to be in class two days a week, but there aren't any OCT recognized programs that can offer their courses online. A big part of teaching is collaboration and hands on work. You simply cannot be prepared for the profession by taking an exclusively or even primarily online program. I would also suggest that since finding teaching jobs in Ontario is already extremely difficult for all graduates you should try to go to an Ontario program. Ontario graduates have a better chance of finding employment than those who take their education programs in the States.

Here is a link to the statistics comparing Ontario graduates to US graduates:…

Roberta Said:

What are the requirements to take a 2 year bachelor degree on-line?

We Answered:

If you use your common sense it will tell you that any online degree that only takes 2 years to complete will be worthless. It takes four years to get a BA or BS. If you are a really good student and willing to work really hard, you can cut off a year by taking extra heavy course loads. But that is definitely not easy.

Stop looking for a shortcut. Do it right. If you don't like the school you are in, then look for a different school. If your school is too expensive, head for Community College or the local state college. But stay away from these phony online scams.... You will regret it if they get their claws into you....

Megan Said:

What jobs open up to you with an on-line bachelors degree in healthcare administration?

We Answered:

Most facilities hiring for health care admin, want someone who has seen the field in some way. Most of the people I have known who have gotten positions with a BHA had worked in some health care service occupation before getting their degree. For example they were a surgical technician, so the new degree allowed them to be the administrator of the Central Supply Service for the Hospital. Or they were a biomedical equipment repair technician, and they became the head of the biomedical equipment division.

Usually the ones who can walk into positions get a Masters on hospital, not health care, administration. The Master's of Hospital Administration also has a residency at the hospital where they work in the hospital, this hands on experience can often get them the references they need for a position.

Neil Said:

is the on line degree of bachelor of engineering awarded by Regional Institute of Technology & Science, mumbai

We Answered:

I'd be wary of online engineering degrees, personally, but your choice.

Hector Said:

I am a japanese resident. how do i get an internationally accredited on-line bachelor/baccalaureate degree?

We Answered:

I'm not sure how you'd be able to do that, because biology requires participation in labs which you would have to be there for.

P.S. - I LOVE Japan, lived there for 2 years with the US Navy, it was my favorite country!

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