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Bachelor Degree Jobs

Jean Said:

Bachelor degree jobs in health care (not certified)?

We Answered:

Basically nothing. You have to get a specific degree to work in the healthcare field unless you want to work in the office as in doing paper work. You can maybe get a reception or filing job, etc. All medical jobs require some training or certification, even medical assistants have to get training.

Maxine Said:

after getting your bachelor degree in psychology, what jobs have you applied for?

We Answered:

Yep - psych tech is a pretty common one. I worked as a Day Treatment Advisor at a community mental health agency, but I knew someone. The newspaper (or their online equivalent) generally advertises positions. There are few positions that require a bachelor's - you will most likely find something requiring a HS degree + experience, with the bachelor's counting for experience.

These are generally entry positions, such as staff in a residential setting or psych unit. These jobs are difficult and pay badly, leading to a lot of turnover. But, that also means there are always openings. These places are usually desperate for capable, responsible people, so if you are good you tend to get noticed and can move around within the organization. The jobs can be difficult, but will provide very good experience.

This is if you are planning on providing services. If not, you can look into research assistant positions at colleges or private companies. In the meantime, began planning on your secondary education. Whether MSW, Mental Health Counseling, or Ph.D. You will need at least a Master's degree in this field to make any money and get to do the really fun work (unless you go the management route). Ideally, you can join an organization that provides tuition assistance. This is pretty common, as companies need to find ways to keep people at their difficult low-paying jobs, and many people go for a master's degree at some point in their career.

Depending on where you live, there are probably many options out there. If you are interested in providing mental health services, decide on a population (kids, adolescents, adults, substance abuse, mental illness, etc), research provider organizations, and start flooding them with applications/resumes. Don't forget to call and bug them - everyone is busy at these places, and things tend to get put in piles and forgotten. If you have problems because of lack of experience, get a regular job and volunteer somewhere on the side, anywhere for some experience you can put on a resume. Good luck and hang in there - the beginning can be tough, but is worth it in the end.

P.S. If you are sure this is your field and have the means - just go straight to grad school. I wish i did. You will skip the worst jobs and get on track for licensure earlier.

Chris Said:

In business what is the most paying bachelor degree job that you can get?

We Answered:

Right out of school with a bachelor degree - the highest paying job is probably engineering or some other technical position. With a business degree, the highest paying potential degree is sales. You can make a name for yourself faster and paid on a commission you can make your own wages in the right market.

Lori Said:

What jobs have you got after getting your bachelor degree in psychology?

We Answered:

You really are limited if you only have a bachelor's. You won't be unemployed forever, but you may not find the work you really want. Previous research indicates that only about 25% of psychology undergraduates end up working in a field closely related to psychology.
A bachelor's degree in psychology qualifies a person to assist psychologists and other professionals in community mental health centers, vocational rehabilitation offices, and correctional programs; to work as research or administrative assistants; and to take jobs as trainees in government or business. However, without additional academic training, their advancement opportunities in psychology are severely limited.
With my bachelor's, I worked in a group home and a community mental health program.
You could probably get a job as a psych tech, so I would check with the state hospitals, community mental health programs, or private hospitals. You may also be able to find work as a case manager (again check the places above).

It is best if you have some experience, but honestly, some of these places are so understaffed, they'll hire you anyway.

Jordan Said:

In searching for jobs, it indicates Bachelor's Degree. If I have an associates with experience, should I apply?

We Answered:


Bachelors Degree Preferred. does not mean required, the worst they can say is no.

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