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Aviation Management Degree

Lee Said:

ANY university in CANADA that has an Aviation Management BACHELORS degree program?

We Answered:

I don't think they have something in aviation management.... What they do have is aviation engineering

Two career path to consider.

There are not that many aviation programs in Canada, maybe one or two... The one that most people know is the one in Ryerson... What you can do is take the aviation program and do a dual major in business.

Or you can do a four year major in Ryerson and than do a MBA

Jill Said:

aircraft systems degree or aviation management degree?

We Answered:

Go to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University!! However, to become a commercial pilot I would take aircraft systems. I am guessing that it has classes like performance and aerodynamics... etc. The management degree isn’t the best route for flying because while in school you can get hours (most important part) and ratings. I would say minor in bus. as a fall back in case you lose your med for some reason. Good Luck!

Floyd Said:

In order to become a pilot, would it be better to do an aviation management degree or to do a business degree?

We Answered:

I'm not familiar with "Western" but if it's a legitimate school, there's no reason not to go that route. If the cost is the same, there's no reason not to get the degree that also gives you the flight training. It won't hinder you from getting a job in business if you need to. Embry-Riddle, down in Florida, is another good option, but it may cost you more, so as long as you're sure that Western has a good reputation and accreditation, I'd suggest going that route.

Wilma Said:

What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in Aviation management?

We Answered:

Each department in any aviation business has some form of supervision or management. The job of a manager is to enact the company's business plan and corporate philosophy as it applies to their department, hiring, training and supervision of the individuals in the department, creating and adhering to budgets

In an airline, those functions include Flight Operations, Maintenance, Ramp Operations, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Planning, Human Resources, Information Technology.

Most people choose the area where they have either talent or an interest, preferably both. Most managers are promoted from within the employee group, but a few are brought in from the outside as managers...

Find an area of aviation that interests you and focus your elective pattern to address that area.

Scott Said:

I'm really interested in the BSc. Aviation Management degree. Would it be a good choice?

We Answered:

Seems extremely restrictive.

Get an engineering degree, then an MBA. That's how you get into aviation management.

Maxine Said:

What job would one expect to have after finishing Aviation Management degree?

We Answered:

There are a number of jobs within the Aerospace, Airline, General Aviation, Private(Consulting) and Travel industries you can apply for. For example, you can work in operations at an airline or airport, work for a private company designing GPS approaches, or work for a General Aviation company such as an FBO.

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