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Associates Degree In Nursing

Julio Said:

Nursing associates degree before medical school?

We Answered:

No one will ever hold it against you if you complete an associate degree in nursing and then switch to a different track.

Only the general education courses, such as English Composition, will apply to your pre-med studies, however. Even the sciences required for nursing and medicine are different. For instance, nursing students are required to take Anatomy and Physiology whereas pre-med students are required to take a rigorous General Biology course.

You will have virtually no time to work on the side while in medical school.

You are the only one who can weigh your options and make a decision as to whether you will take nursing first. The main advantage of doing so is if you have any qualms about being interrupted in your studies before completing a medical degree. It is likely that you can always get a nursing job but if you complete two years of pre-med studies and drop out you will not have good job prospects.


Ronald Said:

What certification do you have after an associates degree in nursing?

We Answered:

In nearly all states an associate degree in nursing (ADN) leads to licensure as an RN.

Joe Said:

how good is an associates degree in nursing ?

We Answered:

Yes you can have an associates degree but you will still need the required classes/training to advance into a nursing career. The best inexpensive thing to do (if you are trying to persue a nursing career) is attend your local junior (2 year) college.

Duane Said:

How long does it take to get an associates degree in nursing?

We Answered:

2 years.

Josephine Said:

Can I get an associates degree in nursing and then transfer and get a bachelors?

We Answered:

Yes it is possible, and is often called a "bridge program" but you need to choose wisely in the university you plan to transfer to, Make sure they will allow you to transfer your ENTIRE associates degree in nursing, or else you'll be stuck doing another 3-4 year on top of what you've already in your ASN. You are completely correct in saying that those with a BSN get paid more and more much more respected than those with a lesser degree. Good luck!

Gladys Said:

Which college for an associates degree in nursing?

We Answered:

An associate degree in nursing qualifies you as a registered nurse the same license as someone with a 4 year degree. As for becoming a CRNA you have to do more than just apply look at their website for the qualifications.

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