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Associate Degree Jobs

Melinda Said:

What kind of jobs can i apply for with a associate degree in computer science?

We Answered:

Not bad - just general.

I'd first look for helpdesk jobs. They're a good way to get in on the groundfloor of IT.

Corey Said:

what kinds of jobs can someone get with an associate degree in health services management?

We Answered:

google it! but I am guessing that you could work as a front desk associate: for instance, at a hospital, dentist, or something. they do make a decent amount of income too! so it is a very good field to get into.

Byron Said:

What types of jobs can i get with just an associate's degree?

We Answered:

That is the wrong question to ask. The question is "what do you want to do?" You need to find out what you want to do and pursue that. You can always get a job that states it has a higher educational requirement unless they are looking for something like a law degree or medical degree.

The real keys to getting a job are networking and having skills. A recruiter can sometimes sell a company on you better than you and the company will listen because:

a. They trust the recruiter


b. The recruiter is guaranteeing the candidate (or they will replace them for free)

Also, having more real life experience than a higher educated candidate or knowing someone inside a company can also help you overcome the associate vs. bachelor dilemma.

Stacy Said:

Associate Degree Jobs?

We Answered:

telemarketer and telemarketer

Kenneth Said:

What type of jobs can I land with an associate degree in criminal justice?

We Answered:

A degree will prepare you for criminal justice careers in the following areas:

Local law enforcement:

Park police
County police
Juvenile Justice Centers
Sheriff Department
State law enforcement:

Crime labs
State Crime Commissions
Court System
Attorney General Offices
Narcotics Bureaus
Liquor Control Boards
State Police
Federal law enforcement:

Department of Defense
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Transportation
Federal Trade Commission
Veterans Affairs
Customs Agency
Immigration and Naturalization Service
Food and Drug Administration
Office of the Inspector General
Private sector law enforcement:

Insurance companies
Private detectives
Safety officers
Security patrol officers

Leroy Said:

All possible jobs with an associate degree in criminal justice?

We Answered:

It would qualify you for the majority of local and even some state police officer jobs.

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