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Associate Degree In Nursing

Marsha Said:

How long does it takes a person to get their associate degree in nursing?

We Answered:

first of from one single mom to the next. i am soooo proud of you. i am also going for my associates in nursing. it takes about three to four years to complete bsn. i will go all the way. the medical field is a good one. i wish you much success. please keep in touch with me.

Colleen Said:

What is the difference between B.A In Nursing and Associate degree in Nursing?

We Answered:

$1.00 per hour in pay. Nurse practitioners, of course, make much more pay. Investigate the Public Health Service's FNP paid degree programs.

Derrick Said:

Crash Associate Nursing Degree in one year ?

We Answered:

Just curious, but why are you inquiring about associates in nursing programs while you are currently in a BSN program? Is this so you can become a nurse while you are in the mist of getting your bachelors? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to do your very best in your BSN program and become a nurse then? What is 2-3 more years? You don’t want to exhaust yourself and spread yourself thin.

If you want some healthcare experience, I’d suggest just getting a p/t job in the health field. A medical office, a caregiver, an activities assistant, a student nurse job (I’ve seen a couple of these jobs posted on hospital sites, for students in a nursing program.)

And to be honest, there are hundreds of people trying to get into nursing programs. If you are already in one, why would you take potential spot from someone who also wants to be a nurse?

Oscar Said:

are there any Associate Degree Nursing/Associate of Science Nursing programs in the sioux falls area?

We Answered:

University of South Dakota at Vermilion offers an associates degree in nursing. As you are probably aware it is about 50 miles south and west of Sioux Falls and I believe some of the general courses can be completed at the USD extension center in Sioux Falls. Finally my understanding the program fills its vacancies fairly quickly and it is important that you apply as soon as possible.

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