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Art Degree Online

Nancy Said:

is doing a online degree from academy of art university a good idea?

We Answered:

I go to Academy of Art University and our online students excel in their careers after graduating. Academy of Art University puts a lot of focus on job placement and portfolio development so most students are well prepared once they graduate. It also depends on how much you put into it.

Two of our Fashion online students recently showed their work during New York Fashion Week. An online student in Photography, Braden Summers, has also won multiple awards and is launching a great career.

Good luck!

Kelly Said:

Art Degree online, accreditated online degree for fine art?

We Answered:

There is an art school online called the Art Institute. I took classes through them for about a year. All the paperwork and the representatives I had talked to told me that it was accreditted. It was, but not with the same accredidation that most universities and colleges use. The credits I had acquired through the Art Institute would not transfer to any other physical Art Institute in any city and the credits would not transfer to any other college whether it be a community college or a university. Plus it was super expensive... I'm still paying students loans for just going to school a year there and that was about 4 years ago. So beware about the online college experience. Honestly everything I learned in the classes I taught myself. If you are serious about the degree, find a university near where you live and take classes during the summer and they might even offer some classes through the internet like art history classes and some classes may be offered during the evenings through the regular school year. You could easily get 4 classes out of the way each year if you took both summer sessions and even more if you were able to take night classes. Hope this helps!

Mitchell Said:

Has anyone here gotten/tried getting an online art degree?

We Answered:

it may...but I wouldn't do it...unless your just a BMF and can create an awesome portfolio and know your computer programs...I'd hire ya if ya had that. its the creativity inside the mind that counts...and the expression that sells.

Maria Said:

People who have gotten a degree or currently attending Art Institute Online?

We Answered:

Art Institute Online is a well-reputed and accredited online institution. I would personally suggest you to go for it. What you can further do is go through a list of accredited and affordable online institutions and their reviews at and then decide where you want to study :)

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