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Applied Science Degree

Tanya Said:

Expected wages for an Associate's in Applied Science degree?

We Answered:

An associates degree is recognition for graduating after having completed a specified course of study at a junior college. There are a few jobs that require an associate degree, but they aren't plentiful and aren't high paying.

You might get your foot in the door of an accounting firm with an associate, but you aren't going to get the promotions that you would with a bachelor's degree.

Earnings vary depending on the company and location.

You'll be able to get a job, but you need to investigate to see if you can get the type of job you want with this degree. The answer to your last question is a bit more complicated.

Just because you have an associates degree, there is no guarantee that all of the hours will transfer to a four-year college. They will only transfer if they meet the requirements of the specific degree plan you eventually graduate under. So you need to develop an efficient plan to make the best use of your money by taking the classes that transfer. In reality, you can get an associates degree, and then find out that several of those hours don't transfer to your chosen upper level college/university.

Brittany Said:

Can an associate of applied science degree count towards your bachelor of science degree?

We Answered:

I would think the answer to that is yes, by all means! I think the smartest thing a person can do is go for their two-year degree first, as you have done. Go sit down with a college counselor - he/she can help you by looking over your transcript to determine what your best course of action would be based upon what you've already completed. This way, you won't waste any time or money on courses that are redundant. Chances are you can even continue to work as a respiratory therapist even as you work toward your bachelor's degree if you are steadfast and earnest! What an awesome opportunity to earn money and further your education so that you'll be able to earn more money!

Sergio Said:

What jobs can you get with an Associate in Applied Science Degree?

We Answered:

Well, you'll be ahead of the masses who are looking to work at McDonald's.

But for anything except the food service industry, a college degree is the minimum qualifier.

When I graduated in 1970, I was one of the elite who had a BS degree. Now we get people who have degrees accepting $10/hour hourly jobs where I work. That was unheard of even 10 years ago. And the economic problems we're facing now with 10,000,000 out of work makes it very easy for employers to find highly qualified personnel and pay them peanuts.

Before you invest thousands of dollars in a college degree, you need to decide what you want to do with your life. There are career counselors who will give you tests to determine your strengths and match your personality to jobs that are the best fit for you. Invest in career counseling (google it in your town) before you just jump into a filed which you seem to know very little about.

I know too many people who went to college on student loans not knowing what they wanted to do. They got a degree in some general field and couldn't find a job when they got out. They ended up working for the peanuts I'm talking about and trying to pay off thousands of dollars in student loans. It would have been better for them had they never went to college.

So be sure you know what you're investing in and be sure what you chose will pay you enough to have a decent life and pay back any loans you'll need to get through college.

Sharon Said:

Can you transfer credits from your associate of applied science degree to a 4 year university?

We Answered:

Most of the credits will transfer. Every college has requirements for each program. These requirements are different (Im talking about classes needed) for different colleges and different programs. Your old college might not have required Accounting but maybe your new College does. So, that could be one difference in your "core" classes (basic classes that arent degree specific). So, now you need 2 years worth of classes plus 1 more class.

I am at my fourth college (military life) and have not earned my Bachelors yet. I have numerous classes that do not transfer because they are not part of my degree program where I am at now.

Trust me, you will see what I am talking about.

Good luck!

Annie Said:

Can i get a Associate of Applied Science degree with just a GED?

We Answered:

Of course you can, my husband had his GED and ended up getting his bachelors degree. The GED tests can be difficult so make sure you study for it.

Juan Said:

Can you get into medical school with an Associate of Applied Science degree?

We Answered:

Suppose you were the director of admissions at a medical school. You get about 5000 applications from people getting a four year degree, many majoring in biology or chemistry. Then you get one application from someone with an associate degree, who probably has not taken organic chemistry for example. What would you do?

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