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Aeronautical Engineering Degree

Roberto Said:

could i still become a race engineer with an aeronautical engineering degree?

We Answered:

Certainly, if you are good enough. A major part of race car design is aerodynamics. Given that engine size and power are strictly limited for most race cars, the only way you can get an edge is by reducing air resistance.

Carmen Said:

What qualifications are required to do an Aeronautical Engineering degree at university in the UK/ England?

We Answered:

It will vary according to which university you choose but the minimum grades would be BBB. I would think you will be looking at somewhere in the mid ABB/AAB range and Maths and Physics will be definite requirements.
Have a look online at some universities and see what they want.

Darrell Said:

Will an Aeronautical Engineering degree help me become a pilot?

We Answered:

Logically it should.

The candidates that usually go to the top of the list are those who flew heavy haulers in the military. Thousands of hours of experience and flight time.

Your degree will probably place you right behind them, and above the rest.

Christy Said:

What careers are there once you graduate from the Air Force Academy with an aeronautical engineering degree?

We Answered:

You can do almost anything you want (if you're physically fit enough) with that degree and/or qualifying scores.

Any job in the Air Force...whether that's office or field work. bad is your eye sight? Most pilots for heavies (bombers/transport/fueler) don't need perfect vision. Your vision is correctable to at least 20/40, right? It's not like you're legally that's still on the table if you want.

Nellie Said:

Can you achieve an Aeronautical or Engineering related degree from being an Air Engineer in Royal Navy?

We Answered:

You don't directly gain a degree for choosing that rate, but there are opportunities to gain a degree whilst in the Royal Navy;

You can get £1,500 a year as a member of the Fleet Air Arm to study any subject at a UK University.
You can get £4,000 to do an engineering related degree if you wish to become an Engineering Officer from an Air Engineering Technician.
And there's the final one, which is £5,500 a year for University if you join the Royal Navy to be an Engineering Officer - you must hold the A levels and pass the AIB though.

Remember, every new Engineering Officer is eligible for the Golden Hello, which is £12,000 for joining.

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