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Adult Education Degree

Nathaniel Said:

Dicuss why you have chosen to pursue a graduate degree in Adult Education field?

We Answered:

Someone would pursue a degree in "Adult Education" because they like teaching.

Jenny Said:

On-line Adult Education Master's Degree Advice?

We Answered:

I would think that most education employers will accept an online degree if it it regionally accredited, so be sure this is the case before you enroll in a school. To learn more about acceptable accreditation commisions, check out… .

I am currently studying at Ashford University for my bachelors degree in psychology. I choose Ashford over University of Phoenix and American Continental University because they are less expensive, yet you get a regionally accredited quality education. To check them out, their website is . I believe they also offer a masters degree in education.

Capella University offers an online masters degree in postsecondary and adult education, as well as many other masters degrees. Their address is .

NorthCentral University offers masters degree in education, including a specialization in onling learning. I will enroll here in a couple of years to earn a masters in psychology so that I can teach psychology at a community college or online. The address is .

I wish you the very best!

Suzanne Said:

Can anybody tell where I can do my Masters degree Adult & Continuing Education preferably distance education?

We Answered:

Phoenix Online

Florence Said:

is there an adult education guru out there? I am planing on going back to school and get BA degree. any tips?

We Answered:

Well I could advise based on what my sister did. She was the same age as yourself and she wanted to go back to get her degree but her English and Maths were not up to scratch. She went to the local college in the evenings (she worked during the day) to study GCSE English and Maths. That taken about 6 months, then she did her A levels in English and Maths, that taken a year, then aged 37, she went to university and she's currently getting her degree.

Hope it helped! :D

Manuel Said:

A masters degree in adult education, a good idea?

We Answered:

I don't have an answer, only that I used to wonder the same thing. I was told you can get a job teaching something you were specialized in.

In my case, I want to eventually teach community college part time. I am going to grad school for I-O Psychology, and could possibly teach Intro to Psych or Human Resource/Organizational courses. I asked a professor if I should finish this degree, and then take the adult education program. He told me that there was not really a need to, because in my state (and many others) I could teach if I had a master's degree with at least 18 graduate credit hours in my field of specialization (in my case psych).

However, the adult education program would still be useful in gaining knowledge on instruction design and experience teaching for beginners, so I am still considering it.

I know there are many more opportunities available after getting this degree, but I just don't know what they are.

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