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Accredited Online Degree Programs

Lori Said:

How do employers perceive online learning and degrees?

We Answered:

It depends. The public school system for example could care less if you have a masters from Harvard or a masters from an online university, they still have they same payscale as long you simply have it (pretty ridiculous). Other employers put more emphasis on traditional colleges than others. In an indirect (and maybe somewhat unfair) way, it may be generally viewed that a traditional college setting requires more work and commitment, and therefore is valued more. It doesn't mean there aren't plenty of very smart people with only online educations but when you walk in for an interview, generally you are being sized up in a very short period of time, and human bias is always a factor. You never know how that person is going to perceive you but as long as you stand out well and are educated and well-spoken in your interview, you should be mostly okay...I personally enjoy having the credibility of a major public university on my resume though.

Tyrone Said:

Are there any accredited online programs for degrees in Social Work?

We Answered:

The only school that has an accredited MSW program is Florida State University (and it may only be an advanced standing program). The warning from the last poster is good to heed. Watch out for Canyon College which is an unaccredited school and program offering a BSW and MSW degree. DA

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