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Accredited Life Experience Degree

Harold Said:

To list degree on resume or not/Life Experience vs Courses taken?

We Answered:

If I where you I would change jobs and just say what you have done.

Alice Said:

Desperately need to know is a life experience masters degree illegal?

We Answered:

It's so easy these days to do a Google search that a degree mill (aka "life experience") degree will sooner or later be found out, and the claimant will be severely and publically embarrassed.

It is illegal in Oregon, North Dakota, New Jersey, Texas, Nevada, Washington and Maine to use unaccredited degrees. It is illegal in Indiana to use an unaccredited doctorate and Michigan law limits the legal options of users. Illinois limits the use of unaccredited degrees to those licensed by other states.

While the legal focus is on stopping operation of diploma mills and sale of bogus degrees, it is also a civil or criminal offense everywhere to obtain something (eg a job) through fraudulent misrepresentation.

Oregon has a very competent department and Administrator (Alan Contreras) investigating bogus degrees.

Mitchell Said:

is there really a life experience degree ?

We Answered:

I don't know about the degree but many colleges will give you credit for life experience, military service, or employment.

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