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Accounting Degree Online

Travis Said:

What is the best website for earn accounting degree online?

We Answered:

here are search results for "online degree"

Jesse Said:

Anyone got their accounting degree online?

We Answered:

I don't mean to burst your bubble but an online accounting degree is only going to be relevant and worthwhile to you and only you. Employers and grad schools aren't really going to accept that degree as legitimate.

And, again, no legitimate Master's degree can be earned online as of this time. Schools that claim to be "accredited" are accredited as distance learning schools, not by their regional accreditation board or relevant professional school accreditation board wherever they're based (and this is what actually counts when it comes to attending an accredited school).

You would probably be barred from taking your state's CPA exam since you would not have graduated (or received enough credits in accounting) from an accredited accounting program recognized by your state, professional board, or the regional accreditation board.

Now, I could be mistaken and you are attending an accredited school, albeit online. But you'd have to be sure that you're getting a degree issued by the school at the end of it all. If you would put the name of the college/university in the question, it may be helpful.

All the accountants I know (and employed people with MBAs) went to a brick-and-mortar college/university. And, not to be pernicious, but I'd trust them over somebody touting a degree from the University of Phoenix or some such place.

Marion Said:

Will an employer hesitate to hire me as an accountant if I get my accounting degree online?

We Answered:

Not really. In fact, many business professionals do their graduate studies online or through other "distance learning" methods. Just make sure that your online school is accredited by the REGIONAL, not national, accreditation organization. To find which regional organization may apply to your school, visit:…

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