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Accelerated Online Degrees

Scott Said:

is an online college as good as a regular 4 year university?

We Answered:

Hi Sweets -

Post University is an accredited school, both online and on campus. Employers will not look down upon an online degree, especially when you give your reasons for attending online college instead of an on-campus program.

If you are looking for other accredited online colleges as well, use the Quick Search feature on to find new schools!

Best of luck!

Earl Said:

Is there an online college with accelerated courses geared toward an Associates Degree in Arts AND Sciences?

We Answered:

I would regard online universities as the absolute last resort for someone seeking higher education.

The quality of education these programs offer is minimal - there is simply no substitute for the kind of dynamic interactions and discussions that commonly occur in face-to-face college courses. Also, the quality of educator is significantly less at online universities - the best faculty choose to teach at real colleges and universities. Both the pay and work environments are far superior to online universities. So, for great classes from great instructors, go to a real college or university.

Also, because of the minimal training they offer, employers and graduate institutions place little value in degrees earned from online programs. Many of these programs lack even basic accreditation for the degree programs they offer.

Bottom line - you will receive little if any personal or professional benefit from online universities relative to what you could have received from a real college or university.

Andrea Said:

What is the best website for accelerated college degree online?

We Answered:

you need to stop spamming.

Jeanette Said:

I need to get a few degrees, I know they have online classes, but I've heard of Accelerated classes online?

We Answered:

On line classes are usually good but ar not accepted by many employers./

Barry Said:

I need info on colleges online that offer juris doctor degrees accelerated?

We Answered:

Dont go for online colleges as still they are not successful and quite complx

Edith Said:

Online Degrees Vs. 4 Year College Degrees?

We Answered:

Nowadays, as long as the college you attend is regionally accredited, your degree should be recognized by any potential employers or other academic institutions. In fact most colleges do not differentiate between degrees earned online or on campus. My recommendation would be to contact a number of colleges that offer the degree program you are looking for to weigh the pro's and con's (tuition, schedule, career opportunities, etc.) so you have all the info before you decide anything.

This site has some good information on regionally accredited online degree programs and colleges that offer them:

Good Luck!

Lorraine Said:

Are accelerated and/or online MBA programs reputable?

We Answered:

Few on-line MBAs have any credibility, though some very good schools are offering them now.

The best online MBA is probably Heriot-Watt, but this is not well-known in the USA.

Accelerated MBAs are also generally worthless except for those few "Executive MBAs" from top-tier schools.

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