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Accelerated Degree Programs

Jaime Said:

Accelerated degree programs in Michigan?

We Answered:

1. Southwestern Michigan College developed the accelerated degree program to meet the needs of adults who want to earn an undergraduate degree and for high school students who want to earn "early college" credits to jump start their education. With Southwestern Michigan College's new accelerated degree program, you can start classes in May and have a two-year degree by August of the next year. A two year degree in just 15 months.

2. Siena Heights University is a Catholic university founded and sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Founded in the liberal arts tradition, Siena offers associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees, and accelerated degrees.

3. Baker College, the largest independent college in the state of Michigan, has the most focused approach to education and training available. We believe that going to college should lead you directly to a great career. And that's exactly where we come in. Unlike other colleges and universities, Baker is a career college, with one mission: to provide you job specific training so you can enter a more personally rewarding career right out of college. You will become a working professional in a successful career, not a career student.

Chad Said:

Accelerated Degree Programs?

We Answered:

The university of phoenix is known as a scam, do your research on the school. You will benefit more by going to school at your local community or state college. A lot of them are offering accelerated programs as well, you can also go to summer school, and many of them now have winter sessions (during winter break). Taking advantage of the summer and winter sessions can help you graduate at a faster pace.

Jamie Said:

accelerated degree programs ?

We Answered:

check it out,…
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good luck,

Alex Said:

What Online college offers the most affordable accelerated degree program for accounting?

We Answered:

Beware of these colleges as not every college that offers accelerated programs are legit in-fact majority of them are scams. So stay away from them. The legit colleges that offer these degree in which you can finish your course early that depends upon your capability and then give final year exams in this case you can finish your 4 yr degree in 3 or even two years. So at the end it depends upon you. You can get the list of top online colleges that online degree at… . Some of the colleges offer this type of degree like Dvery, Ashworth. You can browse and know more about all the colleges and the courses offered by them online.

Eric Said:

Does anybody know of accelerated degree programs in Tampa Florida or online?

We Answered:

American InterContinental University has a land campus in Florida and an online campus that offer accelerated bachelor degree programs.

Rodney Said:

Does it matter if you graduate from an accelerated degree program?

We Answered:

In the long run it doesn't matter. It may help for a first interview, but I believe a good internship experience will help more. After you have 3-5 years of experience, a B.S is a B.S. It won't matter if it was Accelerated, *** laude, or even from a top tier or a 3rd tier university. When you get experience, your education moves to the bottom of your resume. Successful experience trumps all.

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