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Accelerated Bachelors Degree

Audrey Said:

Does anybody know universities or colleges that has accelerated bachelor degree courses ?

We Answered:

Any college that will allow you to take a course overload and/or allow you to take classes during the longer breaks (winter and summer) would work. You don't really need to go to a special college if you want to graduate early, you just have to work hard.

Stacey Said:

What to do before Accelerated Bachelors Degree?

We Answered:

Do what your heart tells you to do! I know, I get corny points for that, but it's your life and you want to do something you will benefit from and enjoy. I would personally do the certifications first, but that's just me.

Hugh Said:

What colleges in KS offer accelerated bachelor degree programs?

We Answered: is a one stop portal which will help you select your future university. We want you to find a university or college where you will be happy, and where there is a good blend of academic support, extracurricular activities, safety and friendliness. see the list of college and university

Sean Said:

Finding Accelerated Bachelor Degree Programs?

We Answered:

whatever you find, make sure it is a legitimate program, it must have Regional acceditation, check this site for an explanation:…

Stacey Said:

I have a Bachelors degree in psych & bio from a 4 year university. Should I get a BSN or an ASN in nursing?

We Answered:

If you already have a bachelors degree from Berkeley, then skip past the ASN and BSN and go for a MSN. With a masters degree, you will command a much bigger salary and will be eligible for supervisorial roles. There are several programs in California where people can earn their MSN in one or two years even with an unrelated bachelors degree, provided they complete the nursing pre-reqs (anatomy/physio, microbio, etc.). Some programs even include these nursing pre-reqs as part of the general curriculum.

If you are a fairly recent Cal grad, check out the Career Center for some advice on nursing programs. Otherwise, check out UCLA, CSULA, UCSF, Samuel Merritt, Holy Names

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