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Aa Degree Requirements

Troy Said:

Is there a way to earn a BS before an AA degree?

We Answered:

Well, a BS (Bachelor's) degree is 4 years and an AA (Associate's) degree is 2 years. So, no. But, if you go to school on-line, you can get a 4-year BS degree in 2 years or less guaranteed. Unless of course, you meant AA as in Alcoholics Anonymous then I have no idea what you're getting at.

Virginia Said:

AA degree requirement?

We Answered:

I hope I understand the question properly.... AA degrees are around 60 credits of classes. Each AA has a different class plan. What is BEST for you is to go online and check out colleges in your area online. Most of them have degree plans for you to see what you need to take. Check out the following link to see what the ACC college requires for that degree. It just so happens to offer that degree. Scroll down and click on the link. You will then download the Word file for that degree... It will explain in detail what is needed.…

Michelle Said:

can I get an aa degree in less then 2 years?

We Answered:

To answer your original question: yes, it is possible to complete an AA in less than 2 years. However, I don't know where you came up with the idea that you could take 52 semester units in a single year. There are only 2 semesters in an academic year - fall and spring. In most cases, the maximum number of units you would be able to take in the summer is 6. Plus, those classes vary in length from 4 to 8 weeks (as opposed to 16), so they are usually held daily for several hours either in the morning or evening. If you took 2 classes at 3 units each (one in the morning and one at night), there simply would not be enough time to complete homework and squeeze in a shift at work. This brings me to my final point of why people generally need 2 years to complete their Associate's degree. Most of us have to work in addition to school and taking that many units just isn't feasible. I did take 18 units in the spring of this year on top of working part-time and it nearly killed me. If you can do that on a regular basis, kudos! Otherwise, you'll just have to take 2 years like the rest of us. :)

Claude Said:

What type of AA degrees are out there and requirements for them?

We Answered:

An AA degree requires about 60 college credits to complete-about two years. You will need a high school diploma or a GED to go to any community college to earn your AA.

If you want to go on to earn your Bachelors degree, then you want a general Associate in arts or Associate in Science to transfer. You don't major, you take your general ed classes.

There are many two year career programs in the health field - just check out the web site of your community college.

Corey Said:

I just earned my AA degree in Liberal what?

We Answered:

Have you considered starting your own business? Consider any special passions or skills that you have and try to pursue a career with them.

Jordan Said:

What classes to take for AA degree?

We Answered:

You will need to take the required classes for social work along with general ed, which usually consists of math, english, history, art etc. Your counselor at your school should have a form and list of classes that you should be completing. But you will definitely need to take GED classes along with classes in social work.

Travis Said:

Can univerisities require a general education credit if you already have your AA degree?

We Answered:

obviously your gen ed credits didn't tranfer to the U or you don't have enough credits from that transfer. U's don't make different requirements for different people... everyone has to do the same # of credits and these credits will have to come from specific areas. If your credits didn't transfer, you may want to discuss why and see if you can still get them to transfer. Depending how your class was categorized at the cc, it many not actually match the u's category so it might just fall under general elective or not transfer at all. Many times credits don't transfer the same from a cc to a U as a U's credits transfer to another U's. Ya it sucks!

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