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Reading Comprehension For 3rd Grade

Carmen Said:

I need help for my 3rd grader who is struggling to read.?

We Answered:

I taught 2nd grade for 10 years and I had a few students like your son. I would get some poems and laminate them. Then I would play a little game with him. Using a timer I would have him read the poem and see how long it takes him. Then I would do it again to see if he gets better. Have him do it until he can beat a predetermined time. My students loved it and would get better in fluency which seems to be his problem. I also wouldn't worry too much about it since he reads at a 5th grade comp. level. Try and are fun websites with fun ways to read content. Good luck!

Kathy Said:

Reading comprehension help?..?

We Answered:

I'm not sure if speed reading helps, but I do have a number of friends having different level of problems on reading, and they get better with speed reading. I myself read very slowly and do not understand well in the past too. I learned speed reading a few months ago and now I'm much better after learning some formal reading skills. May be it is good for you to try it.

I've mentioned the speed reading course that I've used in another answer here:…

Hope it helps.

Terri Said:

Can someone suggest a reading test?

We Answered:

Tests are expensive, especially just for one child. Do you still have any connections in the local school district? Maybe you can borrow a test such as Woodcock Johnson from a special education teacher. ( Just do the reading sub tests) Also, can you get the actual tests results from the state tests? They should be divided into some kind of categories. I bet the state testing site would give you some examples of the types of questions ( released items).

Also, have you used Read Naturally? It is a program of graded non fiction reading samples which you can use to help check for fluency. A set of comprehension questions in different categories is also available for each reading passage. They have some free samples. Once you determine her actual functional grade level you could order ( or borrow) a set of Read Naturally materials at the appropriate reading level.

Another resource to consider is Visualizing/verbalizing ( Bell) which helps students visualize what they are reading for better comprehension. Gander Press has several books and some software which use the visualizing technique.

In California you also have access to Sue Barton program. I have heard her speak at conferences. I believe that she has some free materials, newsletter etc.

Also, drawing on your contacts in the local school district, can you find out what the main novels or curriculum will be in sixth grade next year? Perhaps you can preteach some areas so that she has more confidence. For example, if they were going to read Huckleberry Finn, get a copy of a easy reading version, and read it with her. Focus on vocabulary and comprehension strategies. Or, allow her to choose a passage which you can find in the actual full length novel. Read just that section or chapter with her so she gets introduced to dialect and author's writing style. Also, you can introduce her to Books on Tape, which she can listen to as she reads along . You can then focus on discussion with her during your limited time.

Hope this helps you get started.

Clara Said:

Help! My reading comprehension and vocabulary skills are low?

We Answered:

Are there are any associations of Americans in your area that you could join? That would help with the starting to speak English fluently again (your losing fluency speaking English seems to be your main issue at the moment. Due to the lack of contact with other English speakers you feel you are getting rusty, right?).

Watching T.V. in English would help a bit, though it's not a perfect solution.

As to not too complex reads, well, you don't mention what you like to read. Here are a few suggestions:

Contemporary romantic fiction: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Fantasy: The Chronicles of Narnia (the books are shortish and not difficult to follow)

Horror: anthology "Night Shift" by Stephen King

Light fiction: "A Good Year" by Peter Dayle

General fiction (WWII set): "Battle Cry" by Leon Uris

Science fiction: "Dragonsdawn" by Anne McCaffrey

Good luck!

Esther Said:

What is the best reading program you have used for homeschooling?

We Answered:

Robinson Curriculum by far the best! keep syour kids hard at work:)

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