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How To Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Rita Said:

The education system is terribly flawed. (your opinions?) #3?

We Answered:

dude, you 100% right. compulsory education is a *****. no one learns anything. its like doing prison time. nobody likes it. we all just cant wait till we're outta there. learning is somethin we have to be willing to do, not forced to do.

hey, i love learning about stuff. i just don't like to be forced to learn information i don't wanna know. i think philosophers were great people. they thought for themselves and stuck to their ideals. apparently public education isn't promoting that. people go to school to gossip and hang out with their friends, not to learn. school's just making people shallow and conformed.

Beatrice Said:

How do you improve your comprehension/understanding?

We Answered:

Many people have trouble with reading comprehension even if they read well. It is commonly believed that if you read more your reading comprehension will improve but that is not true at all. Reading the wrong way more will never improve your reading skills anymore than playing tennis badly for years will make you into a great tennis player.

There are methods for improving reading comprehension. Unfortunately these are only taught in early grades of school. If a student does not grasp these ideas in the third to fifth grade, the student usually never hears about them again. Sometimes students never know there is such a thing as reading comprehension, it all depends on the school system and the teacher who may only spend a day or two on the subject while spending the rest of class time doing reading exercises which are supposed to improve comprehension, but students are just reading in their old and wrong ways so they gain nothing but frustration from the so called reading comprehension exercises teachers spent so much time on.

If you want to improve your comprehension then a book is not a good choice. If you were good at understanding what you read then you would not need the book and if you have poor comprehension then reading a book is not going to be helpful so it seems silly to read a book on comprehension. Those books are for teachers who teach comprehension, not people who want to improve their own comprehension. Even then, there are few books on comprehension. The one course I know of on improving comprehension that is good is the UltraMind Improvement Studio which is a video course that covers some of the best comprehension improvement methods in detail. The course is available online or on CD, I went for the CD because it has more material than the online version.

Bascially, it explains how to read with purpose and avoid what they call rubber-stamp reading which is reading a word just to move on to the next without understanding the meaning of the sentence. It also explains why people become bored during reading and how this destroys comprehension plus how to be more engaged with reading so you do not become bored.

I think reading comprehension should be taught as a refresher in middle and high school levels. It would really help people with their reading.

Joseph Said:

How to improve reading ACT? 1 YEAR LEFT?

We Answered:

When you read, try to think about what its saying, and the main points its trying to get across, maybe even repeat them to yourself in your head. Try to guess what the test is going to ask you about the reading and make notes to yourself while you read with that in mind.

Try more practice tests to familiarize yourself with the style of readings and questions that are asked.
Some can be found here…

If you are having problems with speed, try to read and pick up the important details instead of all the little filler words. if you cant remember or keep track of main parts, underline them or make marks in the margins near important parts of the reading

In a year with practice, you could probably raise your reading score by 5-6 point or more.

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