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How To Help My Child With Reading Comprehension

Dolores Said:

need help with moving my child to mainstream from special needs school....?

We Answered:

first of all, have you had any of this information in writing? a paper trail is always useful when trying to get services for your child and especially for moving from special education to mainstream
it sounds to me like thisis bordering on discrimination and if it is that is illegal... you should speak with your local councillor and MP...
since this is about him, make sure that you include your son throughout the process, be sure that he understands and ask him what he wants to do, also make sure that if you have to fight the council and the shcool on it, make sure you explain why and explain that you are doing this for him, because he has worked so hard to prove himself in spite of the difficulties he has make it clear to him that you are proud of the progress he has made. if school still won't listen take it further - go over their head to the local authorities
as a parent it is your right to request a move from special education to mainstream if you think your son will do well and will cope he should be allowed the opportunity to try, how else is he expected to succeed in life? ... if the school and the council won't co-operate try taking your son out of school and tutoring him at home for a while until they get the message, which they will as long as you put it in writing - if you want to make the council and the school listen you should be persistent, be consistent keep paper records of everything said and of every meeting and if all else fails alert the media!
the best advice i can give you is: if the school won't listen you need to take it further and don't take no for an answer

Herbert Said:

Is the school board allowed to do this to my child?

We Answered:

This headmaster lacks the understanding that children with Down syndrome manage quite well in mainstream schooling, as your daughter has already proven, and it would be some what of a step back, to place her into a special school now.

Home economics is an excellent course for your daughter as it teachers her, everything related to running a home, nutrition, planning and meal preparation, budgeting, safe handling of kitchen other house hold equipment, hygiene procedures within and around the home and personal hygiene etc, which will help your daughter become a fairly independent adult, if not totally independent.

You could pose a question to the headmaster in regards to the home economics; Is he inferring your daughter is unsafe or lacks the ability to understand hygiene, safety & budgeting etc?

As someone asked does she have a IEP? Having this should help your daughter get classroom supports if and where needed, also adjusting course content if applicable to a level where she can understand if needed too. Contact the local education board and ask for some assistance, and guidance on this matter, but you need to act fairly quickly.

In the mean time make sure the headmaster accepts your daughters enrollment, so she does not loose her choices. If for some reason she is unable to do these courses, at a later date, the school can still fit a regular student in.

You know your daughter better than anyone, and yes she may struggle with some of the topics she has chosen, and she may not pass, but she will have gained something out of the course. She has the right to do WHAT she wants, not some idiotic headmaster who obviously does not know that people with disabilities can and do achieve much in life, if their given to correct support.

I have a close friend who's daughter has down syndrome, and have worked with a few young people with Down syndrome, and they all did very well in home economics, one of them is living independently, with a little support from family and support workers.

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