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How Can I Help My Child With Reading Comprehension

Roberta Said:

How to help someone with literacy problems?

We Answered:

It sounds like it's time to sit him down and have a very serious discussion with him. Explain to him that you are finding it harder to respect him for his lack of care over his ability to read and write. Tell him you believe he should be tested and see if there is a medical reason it's so hard for him, that is the first step. He could be dyslexic or have some other issue. Dyslexia can be a real stumbling block for many, but the good news is that it can be helped. Not fixed, but there are learning programs for dyslexics that help them learn faster and once things go faster, they are more apt to want to do it.

Now, when you have alone time you really need to figure out what you want. You kind of have two choices at the moment. You either have to accept that he'll never change and ask yourself if you can live with him like this for a life time. Or if you need to go and start figuring out how you plan on doing that.

Talk to him, try to get him to agree to real help. Tell him you are at the end of your rope accepting all of this. Tell him you understand that learning at home isn't possible, otherwise 10 years would have been way more than enough to accomplish it in. Tell him he must get tested and then go to a class or lose your respect completely. Also, lose your trust since he said he would work on it and hasn't.

Let me be blunt about this, you can't teach him, nor can your child. He cannot learn at home by himself. He could take information home from classes and work on it, but in the end he is going to need a professional teacher and a classroom setting. Expecting him to do so at home, on his own, is unrealistic.
Best of luck.

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