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High School Reading Comprehension

Wanda Said:

about high school summer reading hw?

We Answered:

Don't worry about the length. Discuss the book in sufficient detail to let the reader know that you read and understood the plot, the motivation of the main character(s), etc. If you fulfill the requirements stated in your question, you should have at least 2 pages. No one is counting the words. It is your ability to get ideas and your reading comprehension across that matter.
This was a good assignment, by the way.

Edwin Said:

How do you learn Spanish effectively and succeed in a high school Spanish class?

We Answered:

You're asking the right person! My husband is a Spanish teacher, and I have an advanced college degree in Spanish. Spanish is a fantastic subject and a fantastic language. Also, there is no other language that will be more important to learn in the years to come in the USA. If you know Spanish, you will have an edge when applying for any job in the future.

To learn Spanish to its fullest, you must start by making an effort to pronounce it correctly. You must open your mouth and be willing to make "faces" that are unfamiliar while you speak that you would not make while speaking English words. Do not be embarassed in class to try to pronounce the words correctly. Ask your teacher for help when you need it.

Most communities have cable access to Spanish-language channels such as Univisión, Telemundo and Galavisión. I would recommend making an effort to watch some Spanish TV a few times a week. Just listening to the language, even passively, helps it to "sink in."

The Mexican telenovelas (soap operas) are very exciting and fun! Soap operas in the Spanish-language world last for 6-10 months each and then end, completely resolved, unlike USA soap operas such as Guiding Light that go on and on for decades. The Spanish soap operas are exciting, action-packed and spicy. Turn on the closed-captioning so you can read the words as you go along while listening. You may not understand more than a few words at first, but believe me, you will start to pick up words and even some slang phrases that you can yell at your parents or little brother when they annoy you! Also, the programs are pretty easy to follow. I mean, they are just soap operas... basic soap opera storylines! Spanish commercials are also interesting to watch and hear.

See if you can find any native speakers or exchange students in your community to speak with or to ask questions when you're having problems with certain topics (such as the subjunctive or conjugations, which can be difficult at first).

Try to think in Spanish, or at least be very curious about how to say anything and everything. Whenever you notice something that you don't know how to say in Spanish, look it up in the dictionary and write it down. ("Hmmm, I'm taking a bath in the bathtub. How do you say bathe and bathtub?" Bañarse and la tina are the answers.) Review your list frequently, and it will begin to sink in.

There are so many things you can do to improve your abilities, including searching for online resources. The trick is to keep trying and always trying to immerse yourself in the language from all vantage points... listening, speaking, pronouncing, conversing, reading and more.

If you continue on and enjoy Spanish, plan to spend at least a semester abroad in a Latin American country and live with a host family. You will be very fluent by the time you leave. You will also learn more about yourself than you ever realized while studying abroad.

Would your parents consider allowing an exchange student to live in your household for a while? A Spanish-speaking exchange student would really help you a lot, and you would also help him/her with English.

Te deseo muy buena suerte con tus estudios en la clase de español. Recuerda que uno que no sabe un idioma extranjero es ignorante de su propio.


Diane Said:

What are some good books to read while in high school?

We Answered:

A fascinating biography that that might challenge you is "Ibn al-Haytham: First Scientist" by Bradley Steffens. It tells the inspiring, true story of a medieval Muslim scholar who overcame bouts of mental illness to develop the scientific method two hundred years before the Europeans learned of it—by reading his books. It was just chosen by California Readers to be part of the 2008 California Collection. You can find reviews of the book and a sample chapter at

Jackie Said:

How long do you guys think a high school lunch should be? We have 25min, and I don't think that's enough.

We Answered:

I really do wonder where you live cause i've never even HEARD of a 25 min lunch. All the schools up here in Canada are 40-1hr lunches. I live in Toronto and at my high school its 50min lunch. All the periods are 50 mins and therefore we get a period for lunch. 25 minutes is WAY to short for a lunch. Maybe you should tell them you need like 15 minutes outside at lunch and that good extend your lunches to 40mins. Fresh air really important to me.. I'm sure if they wanted to make people read they could dom something else other then making people lose lunch time. The only problem with your letter proposal though in my opinion is that 1 person in 1100? isn't gonna really do anything. Try to get people to sign it and create a larger movement. Im not trying to tell you to create such a big fuss but it would help a lot more.

So in conclusion... you can tell them to extend the 25mins by explaining that you could use some time outside and have a break. Maybe down in the states its not popular to have some fresh air but up here in Canada where we live in igloos ( lol, sterotypers :D ) we have plenty of good quality time for lunch.

Ben Said:

How to study for the High School Placement Test (HSPT)?

We Answered:

there are several books in the public library for HSPT. Just go and ask one of hte librarians to help you find one. That's what my sister did and she beasted the test. Hahahaa. anyway just find the book and it will help you tremedously.
hope that helps

Martha Said:

Special Education: Pleas Help Me- Regarding Reading Comprehension?

We Answered:

take an accelerated reading test

take a star reading test

ask to be tested by your school in reading for an RTI
It means the woodcock johnson reading / comprehension

Go to your counselor and ask/

google sandiego reading assessment and see how far you can make it before the words get to hard

Carol Said:

Where can i see SRA booklets 2A reading comprehension in the internet?

We Answered:

Is that the McGraw-Hill issue? That's what we use in my university. But I'm not sure if they have it online.

YOu should be specific.

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