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Help Reading Comprehension

Janice Said:

What are some creative ways to help students increase reading comprehension?

We Answered:

Reader's Theater or Drama.

Questioning the author which is teacher and student posing questions as though the author was sitting in the room. The questions would be like, what is the author trying to say here, what's the significance of the author's message.

KWL chart. An activity which students answer the questions, what do you already know about the subject of the reading, what do you want to learn, and what did you learn from the reading.

Story mapping which is where the students break down the major events to the story and visual connect them.

Directed reading and thinking. The teacher poses question during the reading which forces the students to predict, verify, and judge what is happening in the story.

Classroom discussion is also a good strategy because students get to hear what other students got from the story, so they learn off each other.

Barbara Said:

I need help with some reading comprehension terms?

We Answered:

Cause is the stimulus
Effect is the outcome

Contradiction is when one thing disagrees with something else.

Comparing looks at similarities
Contrast looks at dis-similarities.

Ricardo Said:

How to improve my reading comprehension and concentration?

We Answered:

im not a professional and so don't mind if my answer sounds a little crazy to you but i suggest try not thinking too much before you start reading. When i have difficulty in concentrating i usually listen to some songs on my ipod so that i can block out the other noises, and i try selecting songs that i know very well so that i dont get distracted by it. you could also try reading at a time when there is no noise at all or when the house is empty. As i told you my suggestions might sound a little crazy to you. I hope this helps :D

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