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Grade 8 Reading Comprehension

Robin Said:

How Do I get better at reading?

We Answered:

I'm no good at reading in the past too. However, since reading occupies quite a lot of my time every day, I've looked for ways to improve it. I get much better now both at reading speed and comprehension, after taking some course. Thus, I'll suggest you to look for some course on speed reading, it is the formal way to improve reading.

I've previously mentioned the course I used in another answer here, if you're interested:…

Hope it helps :)

Russell Said:

we need help with our 8 year old on her comprehension. what can we do?

We Answered:

The best way to improve comprehension is by reading - a lot! Maybe you could reward her for each book she reads. You have to have a system to double check that she is actually reading the book, such as writing a two page report about the book or actually picking up the book, thumbing through it, and randomly ask her questions about the book. The more she reads, the better she will do in just about every subject.

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