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Ged Reading Comprehension

Sally Said:

How hard/easy is the GED test ..?

We Answered:

Its easy.

Gladys Said:

How difficult will the transition from GED to university be?

We Answered:

Well I hope my advice helps you out. The transition from GED to university is the same as high school diploma to college. The level of difficulty will increase either way if you go to community college or an university. If you are uncomfortable in enrolling in an university than starting out at a community college may be the right choice but there are also the option of taking remedial courses in college in the areas you lack.To me community college are similar to universities when it deals with the level of the subjects so either way it will take you time to adjust and will be difficult vs high school level. I started out in college and ended up having to sit out a year later and throughout that time I went to a community college to finish my basic classes and also did online courses at my primary college. The level of difficulty was about the same the only difference is the TEACHER : STUDENT ratio. It is far smaller than in an university. When I returned to my primary school which was this year I had to take my major courses and I felt like I been out of school for years. I had to seek help from tutors and any other option that was available.

This decision also depends on your major and what will be your core courses. If you feel you lack skills in certain areas there are options available to you such as tutoring. Get as much help you need at the beginning. We can't tell you which option would be right for you..You will have to decide that yourself. Check to see if you can do some testings which I think you can to see where you placement would be at a community college or university. These test will point out your strong and weak areas. I pray the best for you in what ever you decide. I am most positive you will make the right choice.

**Talk to an adviser at either the community college or university of your choice to see if you can be tested.**

Jamie Said:

How difficult is the GED?

We Answered:

It is a lot harder than people think. Over 40% of High School graduates do not have the skills to pass the tests.

I would suggest taking some ged prep classes. The classes are usually free, so why not take them and see where you are at.

As far as the questions go. There are 5 tests with about 50 questions each on them. The English/Writing test tends to be where most people have problems, in this test you have to correct (spelling, punctuation, grammar) sentences and paragraphs, and write an essay on a subject that you won't know till testing time. English/Reading, Science, and History do have a lot of reading comprehension, but you also have to have some knowledge of the given subject. The Math section was easier than I expected, but it was still hard. The first part of the math test, you are allowed to use a Calculator but you aren't on the second part.

I suggest taking a prep class just to be safe.

Tonya Said:

Are the Science and Social Studies parts of the GED basically reading comprehension?

We Answered:


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