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Kurt Said:

English exams coming up?

We Answered:

i dont know some sites but u can studywith out the sites it's easy u write everything u took and do examples of those things like the summary try making a summary and try to make tests and quizes for u to answer that will help u alot

Seth Said:

Can someone explain Woodrow Wilson's sixth point from his 14points?

We Answered:

Wilson is saying all foreign troops should pull out of Russia. The British Naval Armoured Car Division had been deployed to Russia in 1916, as had the Belgium Armoured Car Division in 1915. After the Bolshevik Revolution, these units supported the White Russians in the Civil War. There were also Japanese forces in Siberia, and freed Austro-Hungarian army prisoners of war from Slav minorities aiding the Whites.

Once all the foreign troops have gone,the Russians would be free to choose their own form of government, which,Wilson believed, would settle all existing problems (for example, over borders) with other countries amicably.Then the rest of world should help Russia rebuild and recover from the damage caused by WW1, and all the world and Russia would be happy friends forever.

Kathryn Said:

I'm looking to find out my comprehension level in Spanish...?

We Answered:

You mean grade level like fifth grade, ninth grade, etc? I'm not aware of any such thing. It's not a guarantee that a person will automatically have a certain proficiency in a language because they are in a certain grade.

Actually the terms "beginner", "intermediate", etc. are technical terms as created by ACTFL, the worldwide professional organization for teachers of Spanish. If you'd like to find out how these words are defined, please see the ACTFL website, or this website:…

Chad Said:

The Gunslinger by Stephen King..?

We Answered:

Go for it. All the teacher can say is no, right? If teach says no then I would advise having a backup book.
By the way, the Gunslinger series is awesome. Fantastic.
Better than that. You will absolutely love it. Happy reading.
It is a wonderful thing that you are a reader. There is nothing much better in life.

Roland Said:

basic grammar?

We Answered:

Ya. This is a very helpful site.

Will you answer this?;_ylc=…

Jack Said:

How to improve myself academically?

We Answered:

well you can start off by spelling "writing" correctly. lol jk i have no clue im a kid and im suffering from sleep deprivation.
PLEASE answer!!!!!!!…

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