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Fostering Reading Comprehension And Retention

Sidney Said:

what does Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention means?

We Answered:

I'm not sure of the context you are using it in, but it probably means something along the lines of developing your ability to understand and remember what you read.

Danny Said:

ADHD and grade retention?

We Answered:

This is something long and hard to think about. Only you know your child, and if you think that he will benefit from being held back now... then do it. It is much easier to hold them back at this age than to have to do it when he is older and the social aspect is harder. However, you do mention that there are adoption/foster issues. Because you don't go into detail about how long he has been in the permanent home and/or foster care - it could be a whole different story.

As a mom of two adopted boys, who both have ADHD - just coming up one year of being in our home. I would NOT hold them back and they are in grade 4 and 5. There has been so much else going on in their lives that grades are the least of my worry. We want them to settle into "normal" routines of being part of a permanent family and they have many years of school ahead of them to catch up.

All of the research I've done - as an adoptive mom and as a teacher - adopted kids take at least a year to settle into themselves and they will surprise you when all of a sudden it just kicks in.

Personal opinion, if the grades are passing and it is just the ADHD problems - I wouldn't hold him back - as his peers mature, he will mature.

Dora Said:

Can someone please help me?

We Answered:

Yes. Major help can be found in the homework help forum. The languages forum is for languages questions, this obviously not being one of them.

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