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First Grade Reading Comprehension

Gloria Said:

I have awful reading comprehension skills?

We Answered:

I know a lot of AP classes require you to take a lot of notes as part of your homework. These notes can really help you.

Since you probably can't highlight in your text book, I would suggest making copies of the pages you have to read. That way you can highlight what you think is important and make little side notes in the margins.

When you're done doing that, go back and reread, this time making notes on a separate piece of paper or notebook. These notes will mainly consist of your highlighted phrases and the notes you made in the margins. Rereading will help you to encode the material and you may also pick up some important facts you missed the first time.

When it comes time to study for the test, you can study straight from your notes (that you are already very familiar with), or you could make flash cards using the information from your notes.

I know AP classes can be really hard; I went through it also. Don't worry about college though. College classes are surprisingly much easier than AP classes!! :-)

Phillip Said:

woried about my educational future I feel deprived,what can I do?

We Answered:

If you wrote your question and comments yourself, I'd say you have some pretty good skills! You sound as if you are able to put some serious thought into this and able to consider what might be the best thing to do. If you have not already done so, have a serious discussion about this with your parents and your guidance counselor if your school has one.

You have to take control of your own destiny. You still have some time to work on skills. Check out the possibilities of getting some tutoring. Many communities have options for free tutoring through volunteers. Your high school may have a program where students tutor other students. If not, maybe this can be your opportunity to see if you can get one started. Does your high school offer an option where you could take an extra year to complete high school? This is an excellent option for many students. Also, I bellieve there are study guides available for those tests? Get a study guide and start working on it. Get help with it, and see what happens.

I would suggest you try to really figure out what it is you want to do in college. Based upon your level of ability, and if you truly "test just high enough to exit special education" then you have to figure out if your first choice is a reasonable option for you. If your first choice turns out to not be a reasonable option (as happens with lots of students), then see if there is some related field or career that would be of interest to you that is a reasonable choice. Remember that today people change jobs frequently, often try many things before they get to the one that is best for them. Keep your mind and options open.

I would suggest you not permit yourself to put energy into feeling deprived or blaming anyone. The past happened, and is past - it can't come back. Take control of your life and begin to work toward what you want. That's where you need to put your energy. Make the most of each day and move forward in samll steps. Face life and your future positively and assertively.

The past is history, tomorrow's a mystery. Today is a gift - that's why we call it the present. Do and be your best today. Work toward your goals. Tomorrow will come, and if you do your best today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

Good luck with the days ahead. I wish you all the best in you future.

Irene Said:

Who first discovered the effects of sleep deprivation?

We Answered:


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