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Easy Reading Comprehension

Vernon Said:

Reading comprehension in different written languages?

We Answered:

What a good question.. hope some linguist respond to this question.…
Unlike most autistic savants, Tammet is fairly normal in most respects, and is able to describe what he sees, how he does what he does, to the rest of us - a fact which makes him fascinating to researchers exploring the outer reaches of the mind. He learned Icelandic - one of the hardest language to learn in one week...

His savant abilities also extend to languages - he currently speaks seven of them fluently, and can become fluent in new languages in a week. He undertook Icelandic for the documentary - one of the hardest languages to learn - and was interviewed live on Icelandic TV at the end of the week. The day before the TV appearance, his teacher thought it was going to be a disaster. Then, suddenly, he said he had grasped the “form” of the language. He then sucked up the entire Icelandic lexicon “like a vacuum” and performed flawlessly for the interview.

Calvin Said:

How do I improve my reading comprehension?

We Answered:

The only way to become a better reader is to read more, but it's not going to happen overnight. Every day, you should read different types of materials. Of course, you can find lots of reading material on the internet but the problem is most are not high-level reading. Try going to the library and browsing different magazines; you may find some titles that are more challenging than what you're used to. For example, The Economist is a good magazine that you can also read online. My point is you need to find more challenging stuff to read and in subjects that you are not as familiar with. You will find that the less familiarity with the subject and the less background knowledge you have, the harder it will be to comprehend. But you have to be challenged to improve your reading level. When your reading level improves, you'll be able to read and comprehend quicker. But in the meantime, you can use strategies such as highlighting key information, jotting down notes, rereading unclear parts, but this does depend on what you're reading. If you're having trouble with fiction or poetry, you just have to slow down and not expect it to be easy. Even good readers have to reread for comprehension. If you're reading nonfiction, using graphic organizers to organize the information is a proven strategy.

Charlie Said:

How do I imrpove my reading comprehension?

We Answered:

I would suggest reading books BUT starting from easy short books to long books in your spare time. Choosing books you like for this training helps too -to my mind at least-. Also, here's a web site I found:


Hope these will help.

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