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Comprehensive House Insurance

Hugh Said:

Question about car insurance in USA?

We Answered:

You're going to laugh.

Here in the USA, each state says how it works in each state. Well, we don't have 50 different ways, it's closer to 30 different ways.

Some states, you need the insurance in place to register. Some, you just sign a piece of paper saying you have insurance (no proof required). Two, don't require insurance. Several will allow a bond to be posted instead of insurance.

Sorry, it's a bit of a mess over here, as far as insurance goes. There's no federal oversight or regulation - it's all done on a state by state basis.

Jeanette Said:

What rights do I have against my car insurance company??

We Answered:

If the police were at the scene and took the information, the other driver is guilty of a crime if he submitted false information! Call the police and make a complaint! They will sort out the details and get you the correct information and charge the other driver accordingly!
PS: Your insurance company should be doing this for you! They are the one's always wining about "insurance fraud"! You may have to remind them it's their job! They also have the other drivers "drivers license" information and can file a complaint also if the driver failed to correct an address change!
Lot's of police work here to be done! You may also want to climb the chain of command at the insurance carrier until you get someone with half a brain!

Jeremy Said:

If I have comprehensive insurance for my home, would it likely cover a snow plow damaging the house?

We Answered:

Your homeowners policy will definitely cover this subject to your deductible. If you haven't done so already, report it to them. They will also probably go after the owner of the plow truck and their insurance carrier and have them ultimately pay for the damage and also pay for your deductible.

Justin Said:

Auto Insurance Coverage - How much coverage should I buy?

We Answered:

Given the cost of medical car, and the state of our legal system, I think it makes sense to up your coverage. The minimum is pretty much a joke, and won't cover anyone's serious injuries. Let alone if they sue you for pain and suffering. Besides, if they win a judgement, they can attach your wages, and prevent you from ever buying a home.

You should do this anyway, because it's the right thing to do. Besides, the person you may end up covering may be a friend or relative riding in your car as a passenger. Don't let the asset calculation deter you.

I've had at least 100/300 liability ever since I could afford it. Last year I bumped it up to the max, which I believe was 300/600.

Jerry Said:

Ice falls from house roof and hits car in driveway, is it covered under insurance?

We Answered:

It will be covered by your Autos' comprehensive insurance. Pete is wrong. Most, if not all auto insurance companies do not apply a surcharge (raise your rates) for a comprehensive claim.

Shane Said:

Roof tiles came off in a windstorm and damaged our cars. Will insurance cover this?

We Answered:

The landlords policy will not pay for any damage to any car. The tiles coming off the roof was an act of nature, not negligence on the landlords part. If you don't have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, you will have to pay for damages out of your pocket. If you have comprehensive coverage, call to make a claim.

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