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Comprehensions For Kids

Katie Said:

Apartment kids trouble with mine?

We Answered:

Call the police and tell them what's been going on - they will help you. Tell them you've already spoken with the boy and his grandparents, yet nothing has changed.

Melissa Said:

Do you think too many parents these days are "holding their kids hands" too long?

We Answered:

I agree.

Some people may think you need to protect your kids from everything. The way I see it is that you protect your kids from what really matters. Some things need to be a learning experience, based on what they are capable of understanding. A toddler can't understand, for example, how deadly household chemicals can be. But a toddler can understand that if he bounces on furniture he will fall and falling hurts, or that when he runs through the house despite your insistence not to he'll slip and fall and it will hurt. Kids will often refuse to wear a coat, but then they'll get cold and realise they actually need that coat and learn for the future. A teenager needs to be encouraged to do homework, but forcing it won't help. They need to learn that if they do their homework at the last minute they won't get as good of a grade, and they'll be tired for the next day from being up all night with homework.

Parents sometimes think that hovering over their kids all the time, and therefore forcing their children to do exactly as they wish is good. But it doesn't teach kids to do things for themselves. It doesn't teach kids responsibility.

But obviously there are times to step in, which is why parents should be there and active in their child's life. If your 13 year old daughter starts hanging out with a 20 year old man that is cause for you to step in. Or if your child comes home after a sleepover and talks about how his friend is allowed to play with his dad's hunting rifle at age 8 you should be very concerned. These kind of things have serious consequences to them. But a kid getting the sniffles from not wearing a coat outside is not a big deal.

That is how I plan to raise my children anyway.

Russell Said:

Parents of 4th/5th graders - what was hardest for your kids - reading or SS/Science comprehension??

We Answered:

No, my daughter did really well in these texts, and even better if followed up or supplemented with historical novels/stories that she felt were "interesting" on the subject. (I.e., when learning about Native Californians I had her read "Ishi the Last Yahi" to get a better understanding of real Native Americans.)

Still to this day, if the subject isn't interesting, she won't do as well, so she does better the more interested she is in the subjuct matter.

To this day she is still remembers details about California's native peoples. (She's 16 now).

Tammy Said:

What toys does your two year old play with?

We Answered:

Both my son and my daughter LOVED playing with Duplos at the age of 2. Little Matchbox or Hotwheels kind of cars should be fine too by now because at age 2 they usually don't put too many toys into their mouth anymore, but if your son still regularly puts toys into his mouth, then pick bigger cars with big wheels and make sure there securely attached to the body of the car. Both my kids also liked playing with Thomas the Train kind of train at that age, but you still need to design (or at least help them design) the track because they don't know how to build a "closed" track yet. Later, he will learn to build it himself. Have him play with playdough, draw and paint as often as possible. You can also start teaching him how to hold kid friendly scissors and explain him how to open and shut it. At first, hold the piece of paper for him.

Tonya Said:

Can anyone name the book series described in the details listed? It was reading books for kids in early 90s.?

We Answered:

Most schools have their own website and contact addresses even emails, why not try and see if your school has a site and email them its a longshot but the member of admin who gets it may be helpful and be able to advise you. I used to work in a school and we often helped people out with all sorts of questions.

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