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Comprehension Questions For Kids

Leslie Said:

read plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

We Answered:

you don't even mention what book this is from
and you should do your own work.

Geraldine Said:

Help with questions for The Blind Side?

We Answered:

maybe questions about how Michael overcame the steroetypes and his painful upbringings.

Dennis Said:

Don't you think Yahoo! Answers is swamped by a bunch of kids asking irrelevant questions?

We Answered:

Some of those questions you speak of are intended to piss people off or are a play-on something personal to the people involved. Yes there are also a bunch of trolls and dimwits on here as well as good people. The trick is to figure out what is what and who is who. I would normally take your question as a troll but I don't know you so i'll take it as who you are.

Rachel Said:

Why are there so many kids having sex before they even learn how to spell?

We Answered:

I couldn't agree with you more..The main two reasons I see as base causes for kids first being so DUMB and second the amount of sexual activity they are involved with.

First their parents aren't doing their jobs. There is no adult supervision in the afternoons. Nobody seems to care what and with who their kids are doing to occupy their time.
Second schools aren't teaching the three "R's"...Teachers and administrators are worried about 'creating a history of success' rather than offering the kids a decent education like the one we had from our teachers (I graduated in 1966)
It saddens me to see the steep decline in standards and the straying from offering a quality education.

Sorry, got my arguements reversed...

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