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Comprehension For Third Grade

Diana Said:

I'm at my wits end!?

We Answered:

My daughter's teacher last year (3rd) used something called reading strategies. Where you basically dissect the story. Break it down. I don't know the full details, and she won't be home until tomorrow. I will ask her what they were all about and I will contact you. Reading comprehension is EXTREMELY important in the 3rd grade...with EOG's and such. I will be in touch...

Douglas Said:

Average, Gifted, or Genius?

We Answered:

you are out of the normal kids' league. you are special, indeed gifted kids feel lonely sometimes. but someday you will come across with someone similar to you, n you guys will be good friends

Mario Said:

I am smart and not being challenged at all in my Language Arts class?

We Answered:

1) talk to ur teacher...ask her about a more advanced class or at least giving u more advanced assignments. (probably best to try this first)

2) have ur parents talk to the teacher/school

3) talk to a counselor

4) don't say/do anything...but must be careful with this...what if u don't learn enough to get into the higher level classes in high school? u may have to try studying on ur own. (to look further into this, u can go to the high school ur planning to attend & ask about how u can make sure ur in the honors classes in the future.)

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