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Comprehension For Children

Laura Said:

Where can i find some easy reading comprehensions for children?

We Answered:

Frog and Toad adventures---barnes and nobels.

These books are good for boys

Marcus Said:

Any books for children without illustrations?

We Answered:

Wihy don't you just take a book you already have and retype it on plain paper? Also, teacher assessments that go with your reading program should have short stories to assess comprehension. I know that Houghton-Mifflin has Little Readers in 2nd grade that have these type of assessments in the teacher's manual.

Erika Said:

What qualifcations/requirements should CPS/DSS/Adoption/Fostercare Workers have?

We Answered:

Well the first thing they need is a degree in social work. Almost every state has exempted themselves from this and can put anybody into these positions. Ideally they would all have MSW (and yes paid more).

Ideally the person would have done one or both of their internships within the child welfare system - so that they know what they are getting into and have already received two years of supervision (this addresses the issue of being green).

Background checks are already required, psychological testing is highly questionable (it is usually highly culturally biased).

However, ongoing group and individual supervision and continuing education are essential - as are critical incident stress debriefing and some sort of ongoing organizational culture that supports self-care and stress maintanence.

The transformation of the system is the biggest part of what is needed.


Marvin Said:

please suggest suitable titles for a series of books on comprehension for children?

We Answered:

"Learn Now Or Flip Hamburgers"

"How To Avoid Saying, Do You Want Fries With That, Forever."

Sorry about that, just had to say it.

Marsha Said:

Please suggest suitable titles for a series of books on comprehension for children?

We Answered:


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