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Better Reading Comprehension

Edward Said:

Which do you believe is better for reading comprehension?

We Answered:

Both work. It is your preference. A good reader will get meaning from the sentence/ context and give meaning to the word. If the word is repeated over and over, maybe looking it up would help. The word is probably a noun. A novel is for enjoyment, not to grasp each word, then it becomes a work of study. Enjoy the novel for what it is, a picture of adventure.

Deborah Said:

Why is my reading comprehension better if I have music playing?

We Answered:

Maybe it helps relax you or helps you to focus more? When i was in nursing school (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) i couldn't do my homework or study unless i was listening to classic rock! Peace to you....

Sidney Said:

it seems to me that people who are poor spellers are better at reading comprehension than good spellers?

We Answered:

Think the problem is that those who read and write a lot are more likely to make mistakes due to the speed they are writing. It really depends on the mistakes made, most of the bad spelling I see is written by people who do not read or write on a regular basis. However if it is mistakes like missing words/letters or letters in the wrong place, this tends to be written by those who write a lot.

If you read a lot then the words are absorbed and you can spell them without thinking.

Katherine Said:

Tips for better reading comprehension?

We Answered:

well,you have to read more books then,that's what i did way back. have a dictionary by your side so that you can look for some words that you don't understand and list them in your notebook as a reminder so that next time you came upon some words that are familiar,you can just check up what you've written.This way,you'll get used to it and remember by heart.most importantly,you should know the content of the story,for e.g the title which gives an idea for the whole thing.

Jim Said:

How can I better my reading comprehension?

We Answered:

You might want to consider taking notes of things you think you'll forget - names, locations, character relationships, etc.
Or take the time to underline things that are important. Even if you never go back and look at your notes or underlinings you'll probably remember better simply because you took the time to do it.

Or, you could try a website like and use their study guides as a supplement or a refresher.
Occasionally if reading a book I think probably has a deeper meaning than I'm understanding I'll check out a site like that to help explain the themes to me.

Bradley Said:

How can I understand reading comprehension better?

We Answered:

That is a problem... - I know it as a teacher and as an english student. In my country there is an exam at the end of the high school including reading comprehension, and that is really tricky and hard. Especially as the answers are set by examiners and you just have to say the same as in the answer key which is sometimes too strict....So - the idea is to give the students a lot of practice in it, but it is all a bit stupid and kills the best students sometimes
I also had to pass reading test on the ESOL exam. And - although I study literature, I read a lot - above my level of english (normal books, even from XIX century, newspapers, etc) - pretty fast, and have no problems with understanding. But that is not enough to ace that test. So - reading, reading, reading is not a good way to practice? Apparently not... maybe it would be good to attend special classess - for "fast readers" or sth...

Carole Said:

How can I better my reading and comprehension skills?

We Answered:

if you're borderline dyslectic, then there must be some medical expertise around which can help you out. In the meantime, try the following:

a) Reading technique: it could well be that you're not dyslectic but just haven't learnt to read in the right way. Most people form words in their head when they read: this is the way we learn to read in class: we see a word and the teacher asks us to spell out and then speak out the word. This is very inefficient. Speed-readers recognize words as pictures: the visual system is a lot more information-efficient than the auditory system, and this is why visual readers can read a lot faster than others.

Here's a simple excercise which can help train your visual recognition system: make cards with radnom words on them. Then find a friend. The friend should flash one card after another very quickly: the word on the card should be visible to you for just a few tenths of a second. As soon as you see the word, say it out loud (or write it down, which might even be better since it doesnt involve the 'older' and 'bad' reading out mechanism) If you fail at first, ask your friend to flash a wee bit more slowly. Mind you though, your mind only learns to do this if you have a challenge. This means that if you don't see about 50% of the words correctly, you're doing allright: you do recognize some words but not you're not fast enough yet to recognize them all.

For more excercises, there's a great book by Tony Buzan called 'the speed reading book'.

b) Emotional associations with reading: it could also be that by now you've developed a reading trauma: reading wasn't fun when you started it, and all this near-dysletic stuff makes it even worse. You'll only learn to read better if you start to like reading. Therefore, be careful about the associations and feelings you have when you start: don't give in to negative thoughts about reading but remind yourself about why you want to read and why the attempt at it is even valuable.

Again: if it is dyslexia, it might be a medical problem with your eyes or visual cortex. A friend of mine has that, and much can be done with the correct excercises, but that's something only a specialist can help you with.

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