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Accuplacer Reading Comprehension

Clarence Said:

Is this a good Accuplacer college placement score?

We Answered:


The accuplacer is a placement test to help determine where a student should begin their college students. Many community colleges and some colleges use it to 'place' students in their first semester.

Your English 101 placement is good and what to expect for 1st year students.
Your Intermediate Algebra placement is average. It seems that you need some preparatory work in mathematics, but not a lot. Based upon what I can see from your information, it seems that you are starting out on track and are not taking review or introductory skills coursework.

Good Luck in your academics!

Lena Said:

Is this an acceptable Accuplacer score?

We Answered:

yes. anything above a 54 for math is good and anything above an 80 is good for reading.

Darryl Said:

Accuplacer: placement test for Community College?

We Answered:

Your scores are very good, actually anything over an 82 on the reading is considered good and passing. These tests are scored out of 100%.
The Intro to Critical Comp class is probably the highest they will let you take for just going into college. You can also use ACT or SAT scores in place of Accuplacer. If you do not like your scores, ask if you can retake it, in most cases they will let you retake it but it costs $15.

Jenny Said:

Accuplacer (CPT) test, question ?

We Answered:

The percentile is the percentage of those who you did better than on a particular test. For example in Elementary Algebra you scored in the 95th percentile which means that you did better than 94% of those who took this part of the test./

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