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7th Grade Comprehension

Erik Said:

My son is 12 with an iep. His main problem is comprehension. I need to get him close to grade level. How?

We Answered:

Since Private schools have different rules regarding their compliance with IDEIA, I can't speak to what will happen if he doesn't pass a test. I will say passing a test and showing progress are two different things, and perhaps that will work in your favor? Ask his intervention teachers to be sure!

As for helping him, I would look at how your son learns best and use that to your advantage (review your psych report, that should help some). Is he a visual learner? Then the flash cards and the dry erase boards may help. If it's a weakness, flash cards may just be frustrating. The game 'SET' may help him develop visual classification/ organizational skills if that's a problem. Maybe even the old 'Monopoly' or game of 'Life' where he can be banker. It puts math in a real life context where he has to make decisions, etc. Is he more auditory? Then maybe coming up with mnemonics or songs to help him remember processes will help. Since comprehension is the problem (and you don't want to overwhelm him), other real life activities like grocery shopping where he has to estimate the amount of groceries could be fun- especially if he gets to keep the change if he comes within $5 or that sort of thing. To add in another step, have him cut out coupons and estimate how much you'll save a week if you use them all. Finally, send him shopping with a budget and see how he does. You can even work in fractions by asking him to get a 1/4 dozen of items, etc.

For the language arts- that's a big area you didn't talk about too much, but I will say vocabulary is the building block of comprehension. Try to pick a word a day and use it in context (sort of like PeeWee's Playhouse used to do). He can also make up stories at the end of the week using all of the words you all have selected. The more creative the story, the better and the more likely he'll remember the word meanings.

The suggestions I've given are purposely less 'school' like, so hopefully he'll have fun doing them and learn at the same time. Good luck to him!

Oscar Said:

If an organism expresses a recessive phenotype, can you tell the genotype?

We Answered:

let TT x tt
Tt is obtained
on self pollinating
tt,TT Tt Tt are obtained
if t is recessive (dwarf) & the new plant is dwarf
ie genotype is tt
if Tt is the genotype T dominate over recessive t and the plant will b tall

Jessie Said:

7th grade Mean Teacher? Help?

We Answered:

Talk to the school board. In some places, it's not even legal for the teachers to talk about the other students. She shouldn't be allowed to do this to your daughter. School is for boosting self confidence, not destroying it. This teacher is not just mean, she's actually picking on your daughter. It might even count as harrassment.

Louis Said:

On a strand of DNA, there are pairs of allele, which make up genes, and there are chromosomes in the_____*?

We Answered:

On a strand of DNA, there are pairs of allele, which make up genes, and there are chromosomes in the NUCLEUS.

Franklin Said:

7th grade science projects?

We Answered:

In middle school, I tested the effectiveness of moutwash at inhibiting bacterial growth. I grew bacteria from my mouth and plated it on agar. Then, I added different brands of mouthwash and looked at which brands inhibited the most growth. You could also have your daughter collect bacteria from various places and grow them and try to identify them. Hoped that gives you some ideas.

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essayontime said:

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