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6th Grade Reading Comprehension

Irma Said:

Internet programs or websites for help with First grade reading programs/comprehension?

We Answered:

ClickSmart by HeadSprout helped my little sister learn to read. It has an online program, books that come in the mail, and a progress sheet for your youngster to keep track of all the levels (there are 80) he/she completes. It also has a comprehensive parent's section so you can monitor your childs grades. My llittle sister loved all the music, animations, characters, and the fact that she could work at her own pace.

Alvin Said:

I have a 6 grade reading comprehension level. Should I spend $5000 to attend Sylvan Learning Center for help?

We Answered:

My son attended Sylvan Learning centers, and it helped him tremendously. They tend to catch you up to grade level much quicker than other methods. The downside is the cost. Hooked on phonics is supported by Sylvan learning Centers. I believe they have a program that goes up to 8th grade. MUCH cheaper. You can get them on ebay. Mabey you should try that first. If you get ahead a little and are retested for sylvan, you may need less time there. $5000.00 at Sylvan really doesn't cover that many hours. So it sounds as if you don't need THAT much help. Good luck in whatever you choose. But just think what else you could do with that $5000.00. You can almost buy a year of tuition at a private school.

Terrence Said:

If you were an adult with a 6th grade reading comprehension level would you pay alot of money for help?

We Answered:

Your typing is amazing. You even said 'if...were' which is so great. I don't see you needing that much help with advance reading. But if sylvan is that great, and it's that important to you, go for it. I just think based only on your question that it shouldn't be so hard for you.

Bill Said:

Help me with my reading homework, please? [6th grade]?

We Answered:

remember long e
memorize short e
common short o
communicate short o
remembrance long e
memorable short e
commonly short o
corrupt short o
memory short e
memoir short e
uncommon short u
disrupt short i
memo short e
memento short e
commonplace short o
interrupt short i
memorial short e
communication short o
community short o
backrupt short a - if this is supposed to be bankrupt, it would be long a

not really sure what Schwa /e/ means but hop this helps!

Jessie Said:

I have a problem with reading comprehension?

We Answered:

I would strongly recommend that you do not put out the money for Sylvan. They will teach you strategies but not the skills you need for reading comprehension. Do some reseach on Direct Instruction and try to see if there is someone in your community that will ut you through a DI program. If you have an Intermediate Unit in Michigan check with them. I am particually thinking of programs designed by SRA like Corrective Reading and Corrective Comprehension. These programs are designed to remediate learners that missed out on the skills in school. You can start at any age and I know many adults who have been through it. I went through Direct Insruction for Math because I assumed I had a learning disability....therefore I could never pass the PRAXIS which is an exam I HAD to take to become a certified teacher. I happened upon someone who asked why I wasn't yet certified....I told them that I thought I had a learning disability. She told me no, you just had poor instruction and she put me through the DI program. The result was that I passed the Math section of the Praxis and the score was WAY better then the reading and writing portion! Please take my advice....corrective reading and corrective comprehension are the way to go for you!

Ricardo Said:

I have a 6th grade reading comprehension level?

We Answered:

That is really strange, because you write at college level for many students.

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