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5th Grade Reading Comprehension

Marshall Said:

Is this a learning disability? I can read, but I have trouble with reading comprehension.?

We Answered:

This sounds like a visual memory or visual processing deficit. In your case, it seems as though it is short term immediate memory that is causing problems because you are forgetting what you have just read in the sentence, which makes reading laborious. Your brain copes with this by adding an auditory component to the visual element by reading aloud.

It also could be a visual tracking or visual reception deficit. Some (but not all) people with these deficits have problems with the following:

Poor Scanning of the Visual Field,
Trouble with a Visually Cluttered Field
Trouble with Visual Tracking

Because you are a smart person, you have not been tested for a learning disability. However, there should be a department at your college that will perform such testing for free. There are many tests for different visual deficits. If the college doesn't do it, then see if your insurance will cover it.

I would like you to do a 'Net search. Use the key words "visual processing deficits, learning disabilities or perhaps visual memory deficts. These will give you some lists of symptoms and once you have identified some of your problems, the same sites will tell you different strategies to help you get around these difficulties. Visual Tracking tests are usually done by an opthamologist.

Some things that you might try:
*Use a marker under the sentence while you read.
*Look at pictures, subtitles or captions on the page to be read so that you will have an advance idea about the subject to be understood.
*Some people have tried different color transparencies over the page to be read.

Good luck!

Angela Said:

Do I have a reading disorder?

We Answered:

idk, maybe school is just getting harder. If you're really worried, ask your doctor.

Clayton Said:

My Reading Comprehension Stinks...?

We Answered:

Its a good idea to read in your spare time. If the problem is your reading comprehension, then after each article, ask yourself, "what was the writer trying to say? What was the main point of this story?" If you're having trouble doing it as an overall article, break it down into summarizing paragraphs. Practice, indeed, makes perfect. I hope I helped, and good luck.

Elizabeth Said:

What do I have to do in order to get into an ivy league?

We Answered:

You'll need to get to know the faculty at your school so that you can ask for letters of recommendation. Check the entrance requirements for several ivy league schools. SAT/ACT scores, being in the top 10 or 5% of your class, being valedictorian or salutatorian of your graduating class, advanced classes, extracurricular activities, a job, community service, being voted into a club position (president, VP, whatever), and start working on an essay as to why you want to go to school X. Your goals are important. Typical essays include both those (how can school X help you achieve your goals?). Your background is important. Harvard, for example, makes scholarships available to gifted students from low income households. Unless you're going to art school, I wouldn't worry about the canvas and paint.

Alma Said:

What are some good questions to ask my son's principal and teachers.?

We Answered:

What kind of things can I do at home to help my son?

Do you read aloud to him every day? We do this, my child will read one page, I'll read another. We also started listening to major books on tape in the car (such as Charlotte's Web, Harry Potter etc.). Just hearing the flow of words in a well constructed story is a positive thing. I bet you would be surprised at how many 15 minute trips you make with your child in the car - you'll be finished listening to the book in no time. Most libraries have these to check out (for free!).

Speaking of libraries, how often do you and your child go to one? I'd highly recommend visiting frequently and allowing your child to choose some books that are of interest to him.

Be an active, involved parent. Shut off the TV, take away the game boy and spend some time reading together instead.

Good luck

Kelly Said:

Are these grades Extremely bad?

We Answered:

Obviously, if you're in the 7th grade but are scoring at college level or even a higher grade level, then there isn't much to worry about as far as having "bad" test scores. However, you did make several spelling mistakes in your question. For example, "colledge" is actually "college" and "to" is not the same as "too," where that extra "o" changes to the meaning to "also." Best of luck to you in your writing. It's best to learn the boring grammar stuff now.

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