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5th Grade Comprehension

Lois Said:

The USA Today is written at a 5th grade level, are American students really so unprepared to participate?

We Answered:

Math & science will always be needed in most decent jobs. ss and english are much less important in the long term unless you are going to be a writer.

Math up untill division fractions multiplacation and subscripts will get you through life pretty good.

a 5th grade lvl of reading.

history is only really important when it is looked at by a large percentage of people but most people dont remember

science is how you apply math to the real world.

Peter Said:

How does the reading program Success For All help to identify kids with reading disorders?

We Answered:

Thats what makes Success For All so unique. My nephew was also diagnosed with ADD and had a reading disorder too..I dont know how they did it but he is now No 1 in his class. Just believe in their program:) If you have any questions, maybe they can answer that for you:)…

Isaac Said:

Am i dyslexic?

We Answered:

Your description does not sound like dyslexia. However, it does sound like some of the criteria for a non-verbal learning disability.

If you want to know what your learning profile is, there are private diagnostic testers in most larger cities. This is often done at a clinic or through a psychologist's office. You can get a referral from your regular physician, but educational testing is never covered by insurance unless it is tied to speech/language pathology and/or a medical issue such as ADHD. You would most likely have to pay for it, but the information would tell you where your learning strengths and weaknesses are (in quantitative form) and perhaps pull together many of the issues you faced in school so that you can deal with them head-on and prepare for college coursework.

It is certainly not too late for you to take college classes. And there are people (in your area and on the internet) who can direct you to the resources that will help you accomplish your goals.

By the way, if you are not able to find a diagnostic assessment clinic in your area, try a tutoring agency. They all give some type of evaluation.

Also, here is a link to information about non-verbal learning disabilities. Perhaps that information may help in determining if you want further assistance in looking at post-secondary schooling.

Good luck!!

Marsha Said:

Good book to read For a 10 year old (5th) grade?

We Answered:

Some great books for children around that age group are:
Any by Roald Dahl (BFG, Matilda, etc.)
Judy Blume (I love the Fudge series)
Tuck Everlasting
Bridge to Terribithia
Island of the Blue dolphins
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
A Wrinkle in Time
Narnia series

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