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2nd Grade Comprehension

Sherry Said:

How can improve comprehension skill for 9 yr old boy?

We Answered:

Looks like you need it too...mind games? IQ test? Flash cards?

Josephine Said:

Anyone know where I can find free online comprehension games for a 2nd grade classroom to use during workshop?

We Answered:

Well for math you can use

Henry Said:

What are some good tips to help my son with spelling?

We Answered:

try the circle cross word puzzles, I was in special ed. and they helped me with spelling because I was always having to spell the words in my head while looking for the words

Pearl Said:

can anyone give me some free websites that have games good for learning 2nd grade subjects?

We Answered:

Sure do, here are some links!

Ron Said:

Any 2nd grade or home-school teachers out there, help please?

We Answered:

Hi, Of my 6 children one of them has been diagnosed with ADHD and one hasn't, but I'm sure he has it. He is 26 and a college graduate. He has struggled a lot, but is a fine young man who does well. He does suffer from a low self esteem though. It took him 6 years to get his BA, but he did it. Our 16 year old has been diagnosed, and he is a bundle of joy. We tease that he is distracted by "air". So, anyway, teaching them to read was a challenge. I would say that they were probably 7-8 before they caught on. Then I made sure they had plenty to read that was below their reading level, so they could enjoy it. I also helped them read their assignments. If they were expected to read a story I would read one page and have them read one page. With writing I had them tell me out loud what they wanted to write. Sometimes I would write it for them, so we could keep the creative juices flowing. Sometimes I would tell them to write and not worry about spelling at all. If they are concentrating on sentence structure it is hard to think about spelling too. Then I would write the correct spelling of the word at the bottom of the page and they could erase theirs and put in the correct one. That process of correcting themselves teaches them spelling. Having to stop and look up every word causes them to loose their train of thought and get discouraged.

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