11 Comprehension Papers

Willard Said:

Are those letters you send to Congress about illegal aliens making a difference?

We Answered:

we can only hope, they should listen to the U.S. tax paying citizens

Alberto Said:

Bell tolls for Labour in Henley?

We Answered:

Good, the quicker New Labour understand that the people have had enough of them, and are forced to call a general election the better.

There is another by-election at Glasgow East coming up, so things can only get worse for Brown & Co.

Tina Said:

11+ writing style - where can I see examples of stories written at correct level?

We Answered:

Or there is this http://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/english_essays.php Try It

ummmmmm I couldnt find anyhting on the internet but you can buy this book '

11+ Practice Papers, Multiple-choice English Pack: Contains 4 Tests - 11A, 11B,' 9

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Leonard Said:

Does this child need further testing?

We Answered:

Yes she needs more testing and based upon her results it looks LD. Her academic scores range the the extremely low range to and above average range. You can't get much more splintered than that. For the IQ test the WISC-IV (Wechsler intelligence scale for children). In addition they should do an ABAS-II (adaptive behavior assessment system) it looks at functioning level of the child across different modalities, and a BASC-2 (behavior assessment system for children). The BASC looks at hyperactivity, attention, learning problems ect. I have to caution you that this is the second time my son has had the testing (it is done every 3 years) and the results are inconclusive and I don't agree with them, in fact the team doesn't even agree with each other. He does not fit neatly into a category. Basically he is LD due to a social communication disorder (autism) and some of the team thinks he is EMH (educably mentally handicapped or mental retardation). IQ tests were not designed for anyone but typically developing people so it is hard to get an accurate picture. My own scores being LD (dyslexic) have ranged from the mental retardation range to gifted.

Dean Said:

Does this child need further testing?

We Answered:

Wow. I see a huge discrepancy between her reading comp and her other scores. the math is not terrible, but it is not good. Her writing and spelling are pretty low indicating to me that there is some kind of problem. She may very well have attentional issues which in some states are not codeable; it is considered other health impaired. Will she have an official IEP? Have they given you anything in writing for giving her assistance? Are there any programs for her to improve her skills? I am afraid that if her writing and spelling scores are low now, they could get worse as she gets older. I say let your gut feeling guide you; if you feel there is something wrong ask for another opinion. Can you get outside testing done? How are her social skills? I would pursue this further.

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