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Top Online Colleges

Eva Said:

Which are the top online colleges ?

We Answered:

This may sound like a contradiction, but the best place to study online is a traditional college or university that happens to offer an online degree. You can be sure that such an institution is accredited. I would avoid colleges that are entirely online.

Sean Said:

Top online colleges that are good to attend?

We Answered:

Colleges which holds accreditation status from authorities (recognized to US Department of Education) are always good option to go for. So look at the accreditation status of the college before enrolling into it. This will make sure that the degree earned would be well respect in the job market. The web page here… lists the top online colleges available for bachelor's in business administration.

Lois Said:

what are some of the top online colleges?

We Answered:

There are none.

Most Online Colleges are For Profit Corporations that have no admissions standards. In addition, most employers avoid hiring their graduates because they feel the programs lack rigor, and because of the low admissions standards.

Lots of reputable public universities allow you to take some classes online. You would be much better off doing that than going to an online school.

Anna Said:

What are some of the top online colleges?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Kelly Said:

Top Online Colleges for Business?

We Answered:

As long as the college where you earn your degree is regionally accredited it should be accepted by any potential employers. That having been said some online colleges have a better reputation than others just as certain campus colleges are viewed more favorably. But there is nothing unique to online colleges that makes them viewed poorly. In fact many colleges do not indicate whether a degree was earned online or on campus. My biggest recommendation would be to contact a number of schools to find the best fit for you and your needs. Too often people choose to enroll in the first program they find without taking the small amount of time to research other schools. As a result they often spend more money than they have to or find that the program is not a good fit for them

This site has some good information on accredited online business degrees and has some colleges to help begin/expand your search:…

I think you can fill out your contact info on there and the schools will send you more information about their specific programs for free.

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