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Tier 4 Colleges

Sara Said:

Can a Tier 4 college sponsor demand a monthly payment of tuition fees even though their license is suspended?

We Answered:

They can ask but you would be mad to pay if the licence has actually been suspended. You need to look for another college immediately.

Mabel Said:

Can i Change My college on Tier 4 Visa?

We Answered:

Your visa is valid for a specific course at a specific college.

Now that you have completed the course for which it was issued, you must leave UK.

If you wish to study another, you must apply for it, be accepted and apply for a new visa while you are in your own country.

Margaret Said:

Transferring to top tier colleges? is it easier to do from a 4 yr college or 2 yr college?

We Answered:

I'm assuming you don't have any college credits here is my advice.....

You're in a good situation right now because you have a fresh start to basicially go just about anywhere you want to go. You say that top Universities don't respect transfers, well that is not true. They not only respect them and try to work with them, but they have a specific number of transfers that they try to recruit each semester. So here is what you need to do:

Go to a school where you'll be happy for your first year. It can be a CC, or a school that you can get into. I would reccommend the 4 year schools because it might be eaiser to transfer from there, talk to a counselor about the 2 year schools if you're looking at that. But any 4 year University or Community College is perfect. Get into one of those, work super hard, get the best grades you can, volunteer in the community, get good letter of rec., and you'll basicially be a model transfer student. Transfer to wherever you want to. The only thing I highly suggest from you is to transfer into the dorms when you make the transfer. The dorm experience is something I think you will enjoy and it's where you meet a lot of people. Just think of it as you have one year of experience under your belt, but you're starting as a Freshmen. Best of luck!

Janice Said:

Are tier 4 colleges easier to graduate than tier 3 & 1?

We Answered:

Lower ranked colleges offer easier classes because they don't get the top students, and can't expect too much of them as a result. Far more students drop out of lower ranked schools than top ranked schools, but that's because college has at least some standards unlike high school - you will need to do some work and demonstrate you learned the material. But yes, on the whole their classes will be easier than you'd get at a top school.

Joshua Said:

are tier 4 colleges bad?

We Answered:

Many tier 4 colleges are good and I would spend my money there ./

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